Employee Engagement

Betterworks Engage helps you gather continuous
feedback throughout your employee lifecycle via eNPS,
D&I, pulse surveys, and more


Listen and Act on Continuous Feedback

  • Create opportunities for employees to feel heard
  • Understand what your employees really think while respecting anonymity
  • Zero in on cultural blind-spots and find unique opportunities to improve engagement

Create a Culture of Transparency

  • Collect meaningful manager and peer feedback
  • Communicate across multiple languages
  • Capture continuous insights according to the needs of your business
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Turn Listening into Improving

  • Deliver prescriptive action plans to strengthen your leaders
  • Improve the quality of feedback, ensuring that it’s timely and constructive
  • Learn from feedback and understand how actions impact major goals

Employee Engagement ROI Calculator

How to quantify the financial benefits of increased employee engagement

A Powerful Engagement Toolkit

Surveys & Polls

Prioritize emerging trends based on real-time survey results and build a more inclusive culture.

Browse our research-based library of 100+ benchmarked questions covering onboarding, offboarding and anything in between.

Get granular with specific teams or survey the entire organization using time-and events-based launch triggers.

Employee Voice

Shrink the space between leaders and employees by starting honest, two-way conversations safely and securely.

Understand the sentiment behind what you’re hearing through algorithms that automatically analyze the topics, and opinions, that are creating the most buzz across your workforce.

Encourage diverse perspectives, creativity, and innovation by tapping the wisdom of the crowd in real time.

Insights and Action

Analyze pulse, survey and voice data in sophisticated visualizations, including heat maps, category segmentation, trends, sentiment, and employee participation.

Generate actionable, bite-sized advice that helps leaders prioritize what to do next and make a bigger impact.

Help leaders and managers focus with role-based access that lets them drill down into their most relevant data.

Betterworks Solutions

OKRs & Goals

Align your entire workforce and provide clarity and focus around your organization’s top strategic priorities

Performance Management

Enable teams to drive better performance through continuous coaching, goal alignment, and feedback

Insights & Analytics

Learn and uncover actionable insights on both business and employee performance

Ensuring that we keep our global team engaged in real-time was always a challenge. Engage has helped us change this from a challenge to a strength.

Third Bridge
Phillip Vincent,
Head of HR

Ready to Unlock
Your Team’s True Potential?

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