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Manage OKRs
at Scale

Before BetterWorks, we tried to empower people to manage their own goals without any structure. We ended up with a lot of Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint documents. It was disjointed and didn’t give us a cohesive view of what we’re trying to achieve and how we’re going to get there. Aurelie Richard,
Senior VP of Human Resources – People Strategy, Schneider Electric

Align Teams

BetterWorks enabled us to use OKRs to drive high level of alignment and focus throughout the company. People understand how the work they’re doing affects the bottom line of the company. David Rosenthal,
Agile Coach, ConsumerAffairs

Keep Employees

Our employees are really excited to use BetterWorks because it provides a lot of transparency around our company’s vision. It breaks down the silos. Tracy Beltrane,
HR Business Advisor, AOL

Drive Bottoms-Up Initiatives
and Overall Innovation

BetterWorks gives us a great way to stay aligned and communicate without being in the same room all the time. Uwe Higgen,
Managing Partner, BMW iVentures

Provide Frequent
Feedback and Coaching

Annual performance reviews were just too cumbersome, too time consuming for our managers. At the end of the day, they spent so much time coming up with what to write down that they didn’t actually have the conversations that they were supposed to have. Marie Bernadac,
Senior HR Business Partner, GoPro

Keep employees aligned
and increase collaboration

We use BetterWorks to solidify our core values of being innovative, having diversity, inclusion and collaboration. Natalie Collier,
Operations Leader, Kroger

Move to Continuous
Performance Management

There was a whole evolution in how we looked at performance. It was really clear to us that BetterWorks was going to help us with transparency, collaboration and knowledge sharing across our organization. Sharon Kaufman,
Chief People Officer, GetWellNetwork