Goals / OKRs

Easily Update Progress on Goals or OKRs

  • Stay focused on what's most important
  • Easily communicate progress
  • See what everyone is working on
  • Identify cross-functional dependencies
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Align on Top Company Objectives

  • Cascade company priorities
  • See real time progress as work is completed
  • Increase collaboration throughout the company
  • Identify problem areas to focus on
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Make Team Meetings More Effective

  • See real time progress on your team's goals
  • Identify risk areas and potential blockers
  • Eliminate needless status update meetings and emails
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Easily Implement and Manage the Process

  • Automate the process with Program Autopilot
  • Schedule OKR / goal setting cycles
  • Drive participation with automated reminders
  • Monitor participation with user-friendly reporting
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Integrate With Any Application

  • Get automatic progress updates from Salesforce, JIRA, Google Sheets and more
  • Send and receive information from your HRIS system
  • Cheer and comment right from Gmail
  • Build custom applications with BetterWorks API
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