BetterWorks provides sophisticated goal setting, tracking and management software to keep your employees aligned, efficient and focused on what’s important.

Create Measurable Goals

Identify and share important company and individual goals. Add measurable milestones to reach targets. Set quantitative or qualitative goals. Stay focused on what’s most important.

Easily Update Progress on Goals

Easily communicate progress. See what everyone is working on. Identify cross-functional dependencies. View and update progress from web, mobile, or integrations with Gmail, Slack, or Salesforce.

Align on Top Company Objectives

Cascade company priorities. See real time progress as work is completed. Increase collaboration throughout the company. Identify problem areas to focus on.

Goals Lite

Create “simple” goals with measurable progress. Set visibility permissions. Deploy to users who do not need collaborative or alignment functionalities. Works seamlessly with Goals Pro experience.

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