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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and
Belonging at Betterworks

We’re Better Together.

At Betterworks, we believe that diversity is the backbone of a strong company. As we hire people all
around the world, our diverse and inclusive workforce allows a sense of empowerment, limitless
potential, and different perspectives.

Our goal is to build a company that celebrates, understands, and uplifts all employees.

To create inclusive workplaces, we must remain vigilant in actively defending people’s right to be themselves. We understand that being an ally goes beyond just voicing our support. It requires continuous education, empathy, and intentional action. We encourage open dialogue, not only within our organization but also in the wider community, to promote understanding and challenge prejudiced perspectives.”

Doug Dennerline
CEO, Betterworks

Our Commitment

Betterworks supports a diverse workforce by being intentional about inclusivity and hiring, conducting regular workshops and
training, creating and maintaining a DEI strategic plan, and facilitating a safe and comfortable working environment.

Every quarter, our cross-functional DEIB team has a strategic goal that is rooted in DEIB best practices and incorporates
actionable key results. We evaluate and update the goal quarterly to reflect company-wide accountability and the internal progress of our initiatives.

DEIB Initiatives

Drive Training And Education

We have established a DEIB committee called Better Together, whose members meet biweekly to lead discussions, events, and projects that push our progress forward throughout the company.

Betterworks participates in annual training on Diversity and Inclusion and Preventing Harassment. The company continuously partners with DEIB consultants who provide subject matter expertise and ensure we are on the right track.

We create internal messaging to promote awareness and action related to DEIB-focused movements, legislative initiatives, and holidays that are shared with the entire company. The committee has also created a monthly book club to learn more about DEIB topics that is open to all employees.

Additionally, we externally share knowledge and stories from outside experts and our employees through blog posts, articles, and webinars.

Honor And Celebrate Our Diverse Workforce

We believe people should have the right to be their full authentic selves at work, and we celebrate this by giving employees a platform and resources that encourage freedom of expression.

These include hosting virtual, company-wide events that celebrate traditionally underrepresented communities. Past events include our Betterworks Women in the Workplace Panel during Women’s History Month and Pride: Courageous Conversations during Pride Month.

Continue To Make Betterworks A More Inclusive Place To Work

We hold space for employees to participate in a continuous journey of personal and professional growth through subscriptions to learning platforms that are free to employees.

Additionally, we promote a more equitable and inclusive environment through a mentorship program. This program facilitates career and personal development by providing opportunities to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds to learn from each other. The Better Together committee thoughtfully matches mentees with mentors, who meet together frequently throughout the six-month program.

Sudin volunteers with Be My Eyes to translate part of their app to be accessible for more people in their native language.

The Integrations - QA Team has a great workshop in Bangalore.

Stefanie and her team create packs of pads and tampons for those in need through The Sharing Shelf’s Period Pack Program.

Betterworkers from different teams meet and catch up often.

Kate joins her local teammates to sort debris and recyclables from recycled oyster shells with Charleston Waterkeeper.

While Betterworks is a remote-first company, we love to get together and have some fun!

Protecting A Diverse Planet

Betterworks recognizes we have a responsibility to protect the environment and is committed to reducing our company’s environmental impact. We strive to improve our environmental performance as part of our operating procedures and continually seek opportunities that will further reduce our carbon footprint.

We have taken the first steps by establishing an Environmental Management Council team and employing procedures specifically designed to minimize our waste and energy consumption. We participate in multiple recycling programs, comply with environmental regulations, set goals to reduce our environmental impact each year, educate our staff on our initiatives & empower them to participate, and work with vendors who share our values. We continue to solicit input from our staff, clients, and board members in meeting our environmental goals.

Remote-First Company

Working from home decreases the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution due to fewer vehicles on the road. It also lessens the production of harmful gasses that are causing irreversible damage and reduces an abundance of office supplies and power consumption. People who work from home use half of the amount of energy than if they were to work in an office.

Eco-Friendly Practices

Our office in NYC uses eco-friendly products and partners with environmentally conscious vendors for our office supplies.

Reduced Waste

We have eliminated single-use products and switched to bulk purchases to eliminate excess packaging. We also donate items rather than dispose of them whenever possible.

Energy-Efficient Features

In an effort to minimize our energy use, we have put in place energy-efficient practices and products. Examples include motion-sensored lighting, scheduled air conditioning, and window coverings for temperature control.

Recycling Programs

We have multiple recycling programs in place to ensure hazardous items are disposed of properly, reduce the amount of waste in landfills, and conserve natural resources. We utilize a vendor that repurposes usable technology for charitable community partners.

Getting Our Staff Involved

Resources are available for employees who would like to learn how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.