No Continuous Performance Management process is complete without ongoing manager-employee conversations to get aligned, discuss goal progress and drive professional de- velopment and growth.

Improve Performance with
Ongoing Conversations

Set up ongoing performance check-ins. Keep employee goals and feedback top of mind. Empower managers and employees to work better. Hold conversations on the web or mobile app.

Get Real Time Feedback
on Current Goals

Capture notes from lightweight, frequent check-ins. Focus conversations on relevant goals and projects. See real-time progress on past and current goals. Use employee’s peer feedback to drive conversations.

Make Managers into
Better Coaches

Make conversations two-way. Customize questions to fit employee needs. Encourage forward-looking manager coaching. Drive career development and growth.

Manage Conversations
Across the Company

Easily administer conversations across the organization. Create and send customized conversation templates. Automate scheduled reminders. Gain insights on employees’ career goals.

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