Discover the big disconnects in performance management today in the 2024 State of Performance Enablement report.

Betterworks AI

Elevate performance with AI-powered recommendations and generative AI. Cultivate continual growth and an exceptional employee experience backed by better data-driven decision-making.

Performance, Meet AI

AI serves as your co-pilot in performance management, amplifying human capabilities to enable greater efficiency and effectiveness, and support employees, managers, and organizations in working together to accomplish your most ambitious goals.

Amplify employee productivity

Free your employees and managers from mundane tasks with Betterworks AI. Enable employees to develop crystal clear goals, empowering your workforce to achieve peak productivity.

Boost in-the-moment decision making

Take advantage of fast, personalized, and unbiased recommendations from Betterworks AI to enhance decision-making in real-time.

Develop exceptional managers

Empower your managers through Betterworks AI. Improve feedback, evaluations, and coaching while giving managers more time to focus on strengthening employee interactions and development.

Elevate Organizational Performance With AI

Our AI innovations empower employees, managers, and HR Leaders, offering immediate benefits.

Feedback Assist

Cultivate a healthy feedback culture

Transform the daunting and stressful task of giving and receiving feedback into a far easier lift that provides value to all parties. Managers and employees can fine-tune their feedback for precision, clarity, and actionability while eliminating unconscious bias with Feedback Assist. It also summarizes past feedback, highlighting strengths and growth areas based on extensive performance data to ensure that feedback is comprehensive.

Conversation Assist

Revitalize performance reviews

Enable all managers to become exceptional leaders. Managers learn how to express their expectations clearly and professionally and offer actionable insights to employees through Conversation Assist. The performance writing and review process is simpler and faster—and viewed as fair by employees. The time savings and AI prompts allow managers to instead focus on strengthening relationships with employees and promoting team performance.

Goal Assist

Write quality goals

Employees can effortlessly compose precise and measurable goals that align with team and company objectives. They’re able to craft well-constructed goals in a fraction of the time using Goal Assist. This feature draws on an employee’s performance data—such as previous goals and developmental conversations—from various Betterworks modules. Better goals lead to greater clarity, enhanced focus, and improved achievements—all contributing to better business outcomes.

Elevate Organizational Performance With AI

We are committed to balancing innovation, responsibility, and purpose to shape a future where AI enhances individual and organizational performance.

Purpose Built

Domain-specific, purpose-built use cases lead to accurate results that enhance performance and generate confidence-inspiring results.

Rich Data

Our vast, high-quality dataset fuels our AI, enabling it to deliver accurate, meaningful, and trustworthy results.


Receive transparent explanations for every AI-generated recommendation. Use AI as a co-pilot to eliminate bias, and improve clarity and professionalism.


Your judgment remains pivotal in decision- making, giving you accountability and control.


The protection of your data is built into every innovation. We are transparent about our data practices and never use customer data for model training.

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