APRIL 19, 2023

Insights & Analytics

Learn and uncover actionable insights on both business and employee performance

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View Progress in Real Time

  • Empower team members throughout the organization to make faster, better decisions
  • Review manager and peer feedback in one place
  • Customize your administrative access and dashboards
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Leverage Insights for Improved Agility

  • Capture insights into employee engagement, career development and manager effectiveness
  • Identify parts of the organization that are struggling to adapt to change
  • Discover development opportunities for employees and new initiatives
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Integrate With Other Systems

  • Connect with your HRIS and other primary business applications
  • Integrate with existing analytics and insights applications with the Betterworks API
  • Rely on enterprise secure and compliant platform

Betterworks Solutions

OKRs & Goals

OKRs & Goals

Align your entire workforce and provide transparency around your organization’s top strategic priorities

Performance Management

Enable teams to drive better performance through continuous coaching, goal alignment, and feedback

Employee Engagement

Drive better results and increase engagement with continuous coaching, feedback, and recognition

A point-in-time measurement of how happy employees are doesn’t tell you much. What matters is seeing how things trend over time. Betterworks gives us that.


Ross Green,
VP of Execution Excellence

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