Objectives that Matter

John Doerr

Ideas are easy.
It’s execution that’s everything

John Doerr

Chair, Investor, and Board Member of Betterworks

A Proven Methodology

OKRs stands for “Objectives and Key Results,” which is a collaborative goal-setting model used by teams and individuals to achieve challenging, ambitious goals. The benefits of this framework include improved focus, increased transparency, and better alignment around top priorities. OKRs help entire companies communicate company strategy to employees in an actionable, measurable way.


What you want to accomplish.
Aspirational and tied to strategic priorities.

Key Results:

How you’ll get there.
Measurable, prioritized and with a deadline.

OKRs give us just the F.A.C.T.S


Setting OKRs forces upfront strategic thinking and decision-making and brings to the surface the handful of initiatives that can make a real, immediate difference while deferring less urgent ones. By standing firmly behind a few top-line OKRs, leaders give their teams a compass and a baseline for assessment.


Once top-line objectives are set, the real work begins. As they shift from planning OKRs to execution, managers and contributors align their contributions to the organization’s top priorities.


After focus and alignment come commitments. OKRs must be supported by the entire organization, and every team and the working group should agree on their goals and priorities and set clear and transparent goal tracking and progress. Transparent goal progress increases team and individual accountability.


OKRs must be measurable or have quantifiable targets. And while OKRs don’t require daily tracking, goals need to be tracked and measured. Regular check-ins and conversations are essential. Managers must talk with employees about goal alignment and achievement while also providing the coaching necessary for effective execution.


OKRs should be aggressive yet realistic. We want to stretch ourselves and stretch our teams, but not to the point of breaking.

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