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Why Kuehne+Nagel Chose Betterworks Out of 19 Performance Management Platforms


As global head of HR information systems at Kuehne + Nagel, Marko Perendija played a pivotal role in evaluating performance management platforms for Kuehne + Nagel’s 85,000+ employees across 100+ countries. His team sought a solution with a seamless user experience and integrations that allow for the system to be used in the flow of work. Watch now or read the transcript to learn more about why his team adopted Betterworks out of 19 performance management platforms.


Marko Perendija:
We did a lot of these evaluation projects, and then thinking, should we take something which is a technical fit? Let’s check the providers we already have in the landscape that offer such functionalities. And I can tell you there were quite some big names from the HR industry. Then, at the end, I would like to show you the slide and criteria, how we came to choose Betterworks.

Here, 19 applications, and Betterworks won. By the way, we are 85,000 employees working in 100+ countries. And there’s always this resistance from management, not saying really the HR stuff, and things like this, but it’s like, “Why do you ask our people to do more? Why is there another application they have to access? Do they really have to go there? How can they do it better?”

And even if they didn’t know these new terms, like flow of work, there was a need for this, to save time, first of all. That was one of our main drivers. Back then, it was like, “We want this to be integrated.” We were also, back then, thinking we were about to implement Microsoft 365. I must say now, as I’m also an owner of the Microsoft project. Looking at the integrations, and there you did great work. You made it super easy. And you could just say that this was your focus, which I think is refreshing for the HR market. They all knew it, but they somehow didn’t do it, or they were slow. That was something where, as you can see, top criteria, and you scoring 93. We had various questions behind those, where we also did the grades, so we really wanted to do it right.

The other one, user experience, which doesn’t mean that the best branding makes the ease of use. Sometimes it just has to be clean, where I think Betterworks’ performance enablement solution really is. We loved the user experience. We really loved the user experience. And another maybe funny fact on this one, Betterworks was the 19th system we evaluated. Before Betterworks, we looked into the 18 different solutions, and we were not sure. We were just not sure. And there, I give a lot of credit to my colleague, Sandra, who was continuing to look into the providers. And then, she was like, “Wow. I really found a modern one.” And also, what is really cool, looking at who is sitting on your board, and how you appear in those business articles, I think that also helped.

Our expectations were a bit, “Let’s check it out,” and then you see where we are. Yesterday, we had the go-live, people accessing the system, and later maybe we can get to that about their experience. I think it’s clear that you won, how you won, and that there was a serious project behind it.