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How to Help Managers Become Better Managers When You Don’t Have Training Resources

By Paul Agustin
2 minute read
Updated on April 20, 2022
How to Help Managers Become Better Managers

Large, established organizations have resources to help train new managers for their role and responsibilities. At startups this isn’t always the case, but that’s ok. With a platform like Betterworks, startups can provide new managers the guidance they need to be effective managers.

In my experience, great managers share some common behaviors and practices:

  • They know what’s going on throughout the company.
  • They know what their direct reports are working on, both tactically and professionally.
  • They know where their direct reports want to go within the company and their long-term career.
  • They regularly check in with their direct reports.
  • They provide regular feedback to direct reports.
  • They know how direct reports are doing through feedback from others.

Managers who are trained to do the above best practices deliver great value to both their teams and the business. Direct reports benefit from more effective coaching and mentoring. As a result, they are more productive and motivated. And, in turn, the business benefits from more engaged employees whose skills are aligned with the company’s mission and objectives.

Unfortunately, managers don’t always get the training they need to properly mentor and motivate employees. While there are plenty of books and online classes available, we already have enough trouble balancing the myriad responsibilities that come with the job. Furthermore, agile organizations need to move with speed and velocity–there’s no time to endure a learning curve with every new manager.  

That’s where betterworks comes in. It’s a performance management platform, but I see it as an operational management framework. All the things that I need to be a great manager are weaved into the DNA of the platform:

  • Transparency – I can see what direction the company is going in and how teams and departments are working together to get the priorities done.
  • Goals – I know what I’m working on and what my team is working on. At any given time, I can see how my team is tracking and how we’re aligned to the overall priorities of the organization.
  • Private Development Goals – I know where my team is going and can track the development goals that will allow my team members to grow to the next level.
  • Conversations – I can check in at regular times or ad hoc. The platform also empowers me, as the manager, or my direct report to own their performance (development) program. Templates are also available to guide new managers through conversations to help ensure their depth and quality.
  • Feedback – I can easily provide unbiased, real-time feedback and request feedback from others, such as after meetings or a project is completed.

In short, Betterworks provides a framework for managers to help them effectively mentor and motivate their teams. Unlike training, the platform provides ongoing guidance (mentoring the mentor, in a sense) and ensures consistency across the organization. Perhaps the best part is that this model can be replicated in any organization–from the large enterprises to the nimble startup.
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