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There's a better way to manage OKRs and employee performance. BetterWorks creates high-performing, engaged teams that drive better results. Don't take our word for it – 95% of our customers improve transparency, 92% increase alignment and 72% see higher employee engagement.


Better Execution
With Goals and OKRs

Companies that set goals quarterly are 3.5x more likely to be top performers, but less than half update them even once a year. The BetterWorks goal setting platform uses Goal Science® insights to help create open, collaborative OKRs. Individuals focus on the right work, teams align to long-term plans and leaders foster innovation from the bottom up.

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Effortless Employee Engagement

The traditional performance management process is broken – a whopping 94% of companies surveyed think it's a waste of time. But with two-thirds of employees disengaged at work, it's obvious we need a better way. Offerings such as BetterWorks can help facilitates continuous coaching and feedback conversations for effective performance development that actually works.

Josh Bersin
Principal and Founder
Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Schneider Electric
We have 185,000 people. Getting those businesses, those people aligned into common vision and goals is a real challenge. OKRs and BetterWorks made sense for us.
Aurelie Richard
Senior VP of Human Resources - People Strategy
BetterWorks enabled us to use OKRs to drive high levels of alignment and focus throughout the company. People understand how the work they're doing affects the bottom line of the company.
David Rosenthal
Agile Coach
The more we can be open and honest about our plans, the better. BetterWorks provides that crucial transparency needed around goals.
Jeff Ryan
VP of People
We use BetterWorks to solidify our core values of being innovative, having diversity, inclusion and collaboration.
Natalie Collier
Operations Leader

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