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Win at Work with 5 Goal Science Best Practices

Alignment. Engagement. Productivity. These challenges keep executives up at night. We looked at how OKRs revolutionized goal-setting models, but industries are changing and so are the psychology and technology behind goal setting. They are evolving into Quantified Work with a goal-science foundation. There are a lot of questions surrounding Quantified Work and goal science. What […]

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OKRs… to Stretch or Not to Stretch?

I meet with a lot of organizations to talk about goal setting and one of the most debated topics is stretch goals – to set them or not to set them. What effect will they have on the team? Will stretch goals motivate or demotivate employees? Should we include both stretch goals and attainable goals […]

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3 Advances That Will Improve the Google OKR Model

This year’s March Madness is proving once again that accurately predicting someone else’s performance over a fixed period of time is really hard. If we were allowed to modify our picks after the first round, would they change? Would there be a better chance of one of us taking home Warren Buffett’s $1B? Like we […]

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We’re hiring!

iOS Developer

BetterWorks is a looking for a iOS developers to build the next big thing in the quantified enterprise space. This developers will be passionate about delivering beautiful and intuitive apps.

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Infrastructure Engineer

BetterWorks is looking for a talented Infrastructure Engineer help build and scale our web infrastructure. You will be creating resilient, secure, and performant web services.

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Full Stack Engineer

BetterWorks is looking for a passionate engineer to help solve some of our challenges. These challenges include: balancing speed of implementation, simplicity, polish, building sophisticated features (data visualization, collaboration, etc.) to support our users.

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