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3 Golden Rules of Feedback

My college lacrosse coach was a true master of feedback. His timely insights were always spot-on and a huge part of my growth as a player. His input was NOT, however, always filled with sunshine and daisies. Coach Shay balanced praise and criticism—he was not afraid to give negative feedback when appropriate—and my teammates and […]

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A Q&A with Vincent Drucker about Setting Stretch Goals

Vincent Drucker and I recently met to discuss his ideas about management, management philosophies, goal settingand goal-setting strategies. The son of Peter Drucker, Vincent is a successful and respected businessman with his own ideas about controversial topics such as stretch goals. Lamorte: What are your thoughts about stretch goals? Drucker: I like the idea of stretch goals. […]

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Developer Note – 3 Automatic Ways to Increase Security in a New Software Platform

When you’re heads down building a new product, you field lots of questions about the processes you choose to follow and the decisions you make. Answering those questions for customers and prospects made a few of us want to share more technical detail about what we see as a way to encourage dialog around modern, […]

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We’re hiring!

iOS Developer

BetterWorks is a looking for a iOS developers to build the next big thing in the quantified enterprise space. This developers will be passionate about delivering beautiful and intuitive apps.

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Infrastructure Engineer

BetterWorks is looking for a talented Infrastructure Engineer help build and scale our web infrastructure. You will be creating resilient, secure, and performant web services.

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Full Stack Engineer

BetterWorks is looking for a passionate engineer to help solve some of our challenges. These challenges include: balancing speed of implementation, simplicity, polish, building sophisticated features (data visualization, collaboration, etc.) to support our users.

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