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Performance Software Innovations Shaping 2023

By Kaitlin Turnley
January 24, 2023
3 minute read

Rev up employee performance and engagement with Betterworks’ 2022 innovations

In an evolving and increasingly digital world, no matter where or how we work, the right technology plays a vital role in making work better. User-friendly software features and functions put more control into employees’ hands, allowing them to better manage their performance and careers. Support tools and resources for managers improve leadership effectiveness and strengthen employee engagement and performance. And with rich people data and analytics, HR teams can focus on the strategies to help drive the business and its employees forward.

Here are some of the significant product and feature innovations delivered to Betterworks customers in 2022 that you can use to elevate performance management in your organization and deliver a better experience for all employees – from HR to managers to individual contributors.

Innovation #1: Microsoft and Google Workspace integrations

Performance happens every day, now you can take advantage of it!

Employees can update goals, give or request anytime feedback, and give recognition directly from Microsoft Teams with Betterworks’ latest bot. Bring performance to where employees work and perform. This reduces friction to improve not only the employee experience, but adoption, too, which increases the value to your organization. 

With enhanced Microsoft Outlook and Gmail plugins, users can easily keep a constant pulse on their performance activity and take action directly from their inbox. They’re able to automatically update goal progress or milestones by syncing cell values in Excel 365 or Google Sheets to Betterworks Goals. And employees can do this without ever leaving their everyday tools–directly in the flow of work — while helping keep priorities on track.

Innovation #2: Betterworks’ LinkedIn Learning integration

Retain and future-proof your workforce

Employees can search and launch LinkedIn Learning courses from within Betterworks while linking learning progress and outcomes to measurable performance goals within Betterworks software. This shifts the focus from a generalized learning approach to a more tangible, goal-centric focus on professional development to boost retention and strengthen workforce skills.

Innovation #3: Topical Text Analysis, OKR Writing Assistant

Experience AI-driven solutions for every user

Enable people leaders to identify the topics that their employees are talking about, based on the comments made by them on Betterworks Engage surveys. Using AI-based algorithms, Topical Text Analysis identifies both the most frequently mentioned topics and the sentiments to better inform your people strategy. 

Learn more about employee engagement

Effective goal-setting is easier than ever. Ensure that your teams are following the proven formula for creating effective OKRs with guidance from our AI-driven OKR Writing Assistant.

Innovation #4: HR Insights, Manager Insights

Drive performance with actionable people data and analytics for HR and managers

People data and insights that are easy to view, filter, and derive action from enable HR and people managers.

You can customize date ranges, filter metrics, visualize data, and get to the analytics and details you need faster. Watch for ongoing enhancements to HR Insights and Manager Insights, with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence coming soon. Betterworks’ latest version of Manager Insights v2 allows managers the ability to easily motivate, guide, and elevate team and individual performance, helping them to become better managers. With an upgraded dashboard with more metrics, drill-down functionality, and flexible settings, managers can access all the analytics and insights needed to manage their teams effectively.

Innovation #5: Manager Access to Calibration

Upgrade to a faster and easier calibration process that both HR and managers will love. Yes, love.

Betterworks’ Manager Access to Calibration (MAC) feature allows for flexible sharing, viewing, and editing capabilities to be turned on so HR can focus on overseeing and executing calibration as part of a company-wide process. HR can assign view-only or full editing rights to managers, saving time and reducing bottlenecks. Stressful calibration prep and meetings are now part of a seamless process so that managers and HR leaders can spend their time adding value to the business while ensuring equitable processes and outcomes. 

To elevate performance management and transform employee experience, HR leaders have more of the technology and tools at their fingertips with Betterworks’ recent and upcoming innovations. Learn more about these innovations and Betterworks’ product innovation roadmap in our upcoming webinar.

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