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Betterworks Engage and Beekeeper Provide New Insights Into Your Deskless Workforce

By Betterworks
3 minute read
Updated on May 5, 2022
Betterworks Engage and Beekeeper Provide New Insights

Organizations need dynamic solutions if they want to attract and retain critical talent. Betterworks Engage prides itself in providing such tools to enterprises with our employee engagement solutions and feedback-driven insights. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Beekeeper to give distributed organizations such as hospitality, manufacturing, and retail companies an essential employee voice platform delivered with convenience, impact, and flexibility.

A Mobile Workforce

Deskless employees play a pivotal role in several large, long-standing industries. Even with computers being so ubiquitous in the workplace, many employees are untethered from desks out of necessity, sometimes not accessing a computer during their workday or even having an email address.

Hospitality, retail, and manufacturing are perfect examples of mobile industries, relying on a largely deskless workforce to leverage its ability to constantly pivot as needed. That’s precisely where Beekeeper excels, allowing employers to engage their workforce, communicate in real-time, and manage their daily operations across shifts, locations, and languages, all from one streamlined mobile platform.

A Clearer, More Revealing Voice for Your Workforce

With Betterworks Engage survey technology now available as an integration in the Beekeeper Marketplace, management in hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and other industries dependent on an agile workforce have the power to understand what truly motivates their workforce. As Betterworks Engage has spoken of at length in the past, employees naturally become engaged when an organization understands their cares, concerns, and passions, outperforming their peers by 147% once that vital connection is formed and fostered.

In many respects, employers should place a greater emphasis on critical needs like engagement, communication, and feedback in a deskless environment than in their more traditional counterparts. Mobile employees are often less involved in influencing leadership and decision-making, directly impacting how they are treated due to a disconnect between those deskless employees and leadership. Such forces disengage a workforce from an employer and its culture, hurting productivity while increasing attrition rates and costs. In fact, disengaged workers are 73% more likely to actively look for another job, compared to only 37% with their engaged co-workers.

However, with the combined solutions of Betterworks Engage and Beekeeper, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing enterprises can quickly and efficiently close that disconnect, making employee communication a frictionless, seamless process. From a strategic perspective, Betterworks Engage’s feedback-driven engagement solutions can be instrumental in providing leadership accurate insights into the opinions of their deskless employees, using those insights to steer the organization and affect meaningful change.

Simplified, Streamlined Onboarding

Of the many benefits the Betterworks Engage and Beekeeper combination brings to enterprises, a simplified and streamlined approach to onboarding is amongst the most beneficial. New technology no longer needs to initially be a hurdle that slows an onboarding process that thrives on efficiency, clarity, and seamless communication.

Betterworks Engage’s integration with Beekeeper means onboarding for your frontline workforce can occur without email addresses or other additional moving parts that complicate and prolong the process. In fact, Betterworks Engage integrates with Beekeeper to synchronize all relevant information directly from the app, saving administration time for busy HR team members. Betterworks Engage’s surveys are automatically, directly, and securely distributed through chat messages in Beekeeper, starting with onboarding surveys that the system automatically delivers to your new hire based on their hire date.

Value through Efficient Communication

Betterworks Engage’s feedback tools also provide managers more insights than what was previously possible through the Beekeeper platform. The integration of the two technologies creates new value in operational communications by giving managers the ability to design surveys with additional, more targeted questions, as well as enhanced analysis and insights.

Betterworks Engage gives Beekeeper users the opportunity to leverage advanced machine learning, trending, and benchmarking capabilities based on profile field data from Beekeeper. Feedback can now be segmented and categorized by location, department, tenure, or any number of factors and variables. This granular approach to data management also adds new value by allowing leaders to proactively respond to rising issues and trends before they spread and become systemic.

The combination of Betterworks Engage’s employee surveys and Beekeeper’s communication and engagement platform gives leadership in sectors that rely on deskless workers the opportunity to engage, communicate, and leverage the countless benefits their workforce brings to the enterprise.