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Supercharge Feedback Culture and Employee Development with Betterworks AI

By Arnaud Grunwald
March 8, 2024
4 minute read

How can HR leaders best help people flourish at work? How can they help employees stay at the top of their learning curve — understanding what approaches work well and don’t, getting meaningful guidance in near real-time, and helping knock down barriers that slow progress? Feedback is critical in helping employees stay energized, focused, and efficient. Yet, historically, performance feedback has been time-consuming and challenging to give. Summarizing work, providing an unbiased perspective, and writing feedback that will be well-received can be daunting. 

All that is changing with the introduction of three AI-powered tools to the Betterworks performance enablement platform: Feedback Assist, Feedback Summary, and Conversation Assist.    

Closing the feedback gap

The link between organizational performance and feedback is undeniable. According to Gallup, 80% of employees who receive meaningful feedback are fully engaged and organizations with regular feedback programs experience 15% lower turnover rates. Yet, 74% of employees report being dissatisfied with the feedback they receive. Nonetheless, the demand for good feedback is high: A recent AllVoices survey reported that 96% of employees want feedback but less than two-thirds report they get enough. Betterworks own global research shows that employees who get feedback from their team in reviews are 2-4.5x more likely to feel reviews are unbiased

Delivering clear and impactful feedback with AI

Feedback Assist, powered by generative AI, is revolutionizing how employees give feedback and facilitate performance conversations within organizations. This feature helps refine responses to ensure precision, clarity, and actionability while actively reducing bias. Instead of mulling over how to articulate feedback, users can leverage Feedback Assist to help them quickly and easily form optimal responses, saving time and simplifying an often overwhelming task. Feedback Assist takes the user’s feedback in any form and provides leaders with personalized, constructive, and unbiased feedback for employees, leading to greater trust, focused career planning, and better outcomes. These go beyond recommendations for improvement: suggestions are accompanied by an explanation, which helps users learn how to deliver more effective feedback. For managers, this means a better ability to provide feedback that’s not only insightful but also directly actionable, unbiased, and thoughtfully executed, enhancing their role as effective coaches.

Remove recency bias with AI-powered Feedback Summary

One of the most significant challenges in performance management is collecting and analyzing feedback from multiple sources over time. Betterworks’ Feedback Summary tackles a substantial hurdle by transforming numerous pieces of feedback over a select business period into clear, actionable insights. This feature streamlines the review process by summarizing feedback, identifying critical themes, and pinpointing strengths and areas for development. This saves time for managers and enhances their ability to coach effectively.

Managers gain a deeper understanding of each team member’s strengths and areas for development thanks to comprehensive summaries. The result is more focused and productive conversations and greater. clarity and empowerment for employees. With a holistic analysis of their performance and development opportunities, employees are better positioned to improve while also benefiting from stronger relationships with their managers. A Betterworks State of Performance Enablement survey reveals that when employees perceive performance management as successful, their trust in managers doubles. Feedback Summary enables a more efficient and unbiased approach to reviews and talent development, ultimately driving organizational success through informed decision-making and focused employee growth.

Delivering better performance reviews, faster

Conversation Assist applies the same technology used in Feedback Assist to open-text performance review questions. The AI-generated recommendation includes an explanation of why the revision has been suggested. This helps managers clearly and confidently coach, express their expectations, and provide actionable takeaways for employees. 

By improving the quality of conversation questions and simplifying the review process, managers have more time to execute strategy and strengthen their team. Employees receive clear, targeted coaching and an understanding of how to advance. Not only does the caliber of developmental conversations improve, but a culture of ongoing growth and unbiased evaluation also flourishes, laying the groundwork for substantial personal and organizational advancement —and all in a fraction of the time it has traditionally taken managers

The strategic advantage of AI-enhanced performance management

Incorporating AI into performance management signals a strategic shift towards a more data-driven, proactive approach to talent management. These AI enhancements are not just about operational efficiency; they represent a more profound commitment to understanding and developing the workforce, ultimately driving better business outcomes through higher employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Betterworks’ AI-enhanced tools are not merely a response to the changing workplace but a proactive strategy helping optimize communications to improve performance. Combining AI with human insight, these tools help organizations meet, if not exceed, the evolving expectations of the modern workforce.

It’s safe to say, AI isn’t replacing human intelligence; it’s amplifying it. Betterworks AI provides the tools to elevate your feedback and conversation practices, foster deeper connections, drive more intelligent decisions, and build a thriving workplace where everyone can excel. The future of performance management is powered by intelligent technologies that amplify human performance, driving, and organizational success.

Arnaud Grunwald is Betterworks’ chief product officer who is the master builder of the company’s product innovation, development, and road maps — ensuring that the user experience is as delightful as possible, brings value, and is lightweight for employees, managers, and HR leaders. He was the co-founder and CEO of Hyphen, an employee listening and engagement platform that was acquired by Betterworks in 2020.

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