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Announcing The Betterworks Performance Enablement Coach Certification

By Darryl Quinn
February 16, 2022
2 minute read

We are thrilled to announce the availability of the new Betterworks Performance Enablement Coach (PEC) Certification! This certification is designed to provide people managers, line of business managers, and HR professionals with the tools, resources, and best practices they need to drive a culture of continuous performance enablement.  

Modern methods of performance enablement focus on people and potential and look ahead to improve strengths and overcome weaknesses in daily performance. These processes are fluid and fit into the daily flow of work. They hinge upon frequent candid conversations between managers and employees. Their goal is to enable improved performance to drive better business results. If this sounds like something you would like to learn to do, then keep reading. 

We have applied our industry-leading knowledge in performance enablement to this program which includes a robust foundational series of online coursework and interactive live sessions designed to help students develop PEC expertise. This is achieved through the application of knowledge and skills in exercises targeted at identifying common Objectives and Key Results (OKR) implementation and management issues, running an OKR workshop, conversations, feedback, and recognition (CFR) recommendations, engaging participants through the use of surveys, and more!

Anyone who registers for the course will be able to learn at their own pace using the Betterworks University platform. The courses include:

  • Continuous performance enablement
  • Shifting from boss to coach
  • Getting started with conversations, feedback, and recognition
  • Core OKR concepts
  • OKRs and performance reviews
  • Keeping a pulse on the organization

The live sessions with our team of instructors consist of a program kickoff session that explains the program and sets student expectations, practical application sessions around OKRs, and CFR training sessions.

Finally, after all the learning, the attendees are tested with a two-part final exam where they can demonstrate the knowledge that they acquired with the program. As a bonus, part of the final exam consists of building your own Continuous Performance Enablement program. Meaning you will end the course with a plan in place that you can then use with your own teams!  

To learn more about our newly launched Performance Enablement Coach Certification and our highly-rated OKR Master Certification program, visit our website for more details