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Global Hotel Chain Sharpens Focus and Strengthens Team Connections With Betterworks Goals & Conversations

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Executive Summary

Increasing employee engagement through modern performance management in the flow of work was the goal of a global hotel and resort chain’s technology management division. To make this a reality, the company needed to replace its static scorecard for measuring achievement and improve manager-employee collaboration to make sure employees were setting goals that drove business value. After implementing Betterworks, the division was able to take an agile approach to goal setting and is now meeting objectives while remaining agile enough to pivot as needed.

The Business Challenge

A global hotel and resort chain’s technology management division of 300 employees needed to replace its static scorecard approach to measuring achievement with a solution that supported ongoing performance enablement, including conversations in the flow of work. The team needed a tool that ensured team members had the right goals in place, focused their energy on the right things, and retained the flexibility to pivot as priorities shifted during the year — which, in the digital division, happened frequently in order to respond to the needs of the business. The company’s chief digital officer had a vision: he wanted to increase employee engagement in the technology management division. He did away with ineffective performance management processes and instead introduced a new approach to agile goal-setting and manager-employee collaboration that focused on culture, put people first, and tracked the right metrics. Employees were setting goals at the beginning of the year and reviewing them once — at the midyear point. This static scorecard wasn’t helping employees set goals that drove business value for the company. Employees felt the scoreboard process wasn’t motivating and didn’t allow team members to see how their individual contributions helped the team achieve its collective goals, according to the organization’s head of HR for the technology management division. The workforce was also becoming increasingly remote, creating worries about sustaining the culture and continuing to foster a collaborative and team-oriented environment.

The Solution

The technology management division partnered with Betterworks to develop a fluid goal-setting process; however, it was the addition of structured and unstructured manager-employee conversations through the Betterworks platform that was a game changer. 

The division’s HR team initially designed the program to have managers use the Betterworks Conversations module once or twice a year for guided conversations with employees. HR bumped up the cadence to quarterly after receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from managers and employees.

It also connected the use of the Conversations module to its employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) by asking employees about their biggest challenges. This practice evolved into more targeted questions managers could use to start quarterly conversations.

The technology management division’s head of HR added games and hypothetical scenarios to the Betterworks goal-setting tool to help employees understand how to set effective goals — contributing to a far more dynamic process than the previous static scorecard.

The Impact

The Betterworks Conversations module has resonated so powerfully that the company’s technology management division consistently has very high completion rates for conversations. 

The results go beyond participation. The division monitors progress toward goals every week and boasts that it’s meeting its objectives as a team while still being able to pivot as needed. And in 2022, the team saw significant growth in its eNPS score. 

Betterworks gives people managers the guided support they need for better conversations with employees. This fosters transparency and has created nearly complete alignment between how employees and managers rate employee performance. 

“Now we have a great way to show what we’re focused on, to make sure we have transparency and alignment,” the head of HR for the technology management division says. “The Conversations module has really helped with better alignment and trickled off into better informal one-on-ones outside of the module.”

That alignment is critical because nearly all employees work remotely. The division was worried that going remote would negatively affect the culture it had worked so hard to cultivate. However, the infrastructure Betterworks provides has only helped.

“We have a fantastic culture at [our company]: It’s our biggest selling aspect,” the technology management division’s head of HR said. “Implementing Betterworks, and everything working together, helps build the culture. It’s a pillar of our culture.”

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