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How Transforming the Performance Review Process Prepared This Technology Services Company to Build a Future-Ready Workforce

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The Business Challenge

In 2020, Betterworks partnered with a technology services company that specializes in financial and banking technology to provide an intuitive platform for tracking initiatives and business and professional development goals, thereby enhancing collaboration among the executive team and officers. The initial implementation delivered a seamless user experience and aligned employees across the organization to key strategic objectives, prompting further exploration of Betterworks’ capabilities.

In the subsequent year, Betterworks’ customer success team collaborated closely with the organization to revolutionize their performance review process for all 1,300+ employees. As the technology services company began its transformative journey toward building a future-ready workforce, it also recognized the need to establish a formal calibration process to address inconsistencies in ratings and promotions. Leaders struggled with accurately evaluating performance and potential, resulting in the overrepresentation of high performers with high potential throughout the organization. Recognizing the importance of understanding and nurturing top talent, the company sought a solution to identify and develop employee growth opportunities.

The Solution

After extensive discussions and deliberations, the chief human resources officer ultimately selected Betterworks to implement a transparent and streamlined calibration process. The Betterworks professional services team leveraged their deep change management expertise to guide the company in defining the purpose behind the 9-box methodology, clarifying performance criteria, and fostering a deep understanding of the potential and its impact on employee growth. The professional services team worked closely with HR business partners to facilitate targeted and prescriptive leadership training, ensuring a smooth transition for employees as they engaged with the 9-box for the first time.

Though a few challenges arose during the implementation process, through a strong partnership, collaborative teamwork, knowledge sharing, and effective communication, Betterworks and the technology services company overcame these obstacles together. The successful completion of two calibration cycles and deep involvement from senior leaders and directors exemplified their commitment to making data-driven decisions and leveraging the benefits of calibrating in the Betterworks platform to deliver better talent outcomes for the business.

The Impact

By implementing Betterworks Calibration, the technology services organization achieved greater clarity and fairness in performance evaluations and promotions. Leadership now had a comprehensive understanding of the talent landscape, enabling them to invest in the right individuals and nurture their development and growth.

Moreover, employees appreciated the transparency and visibility provided by the Betterworks platform. With Betterworks, employees gained insight into their performance at a regular cadence, further enhancing trust and engagement between employees and leaders in the organization.

Betterworks’ partnership with the company to refine its performance review process had a transformative effect on its workforce, empowering every employee to build a future-ready organization fueled by data-driven decision-making and a focus on growth and development.

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