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Collaborative Goals and OKRs

BetterWorks leverages Goal Science® insights to bring S.M.A.R.T. goals and OKRs into the connected age. It helps you set open, collaborative goals for better team alignment, engagement and achievement. Individuals can focus on getting the right work done while leaders foster innovation from the bottom up.

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The BetterWorks platform is designed for today’s workforce by applying five Goal Science pillars, based on proven goal setting practices and organizational research.

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Powerful Performance Development

BetterWorks facilitates ongoing conversations between employees, managers and companies to drive high performance. These frequent coaching conversations help everyone stay engaged, achieve better results and advance their careers.

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"As we evolve from a stagnant annual cadence to an agile goal setting process, we’re ultimately creating a more open and transparent work culture for our team."

Bill Pence
Bill Pence

"Because goals are more visible with BetterWorks, people have a sense of ownership. They now have more incentive to create meaningful goals."

Jeff Weber
Jeff Weber
SVP, People and Places

"The more we can be open and honest about our plans, the better. BetterWorks provides that crucial transparency needed around goals."

Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan
VP of People
UpWind Solutions

"If I want immediate data on a key initiative in the company, I simply come to BetterWorks."

Peter Wells
Peter Wells

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