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Betterworks Named RemoteTech Breakthrough’s 2023 Performance Management Solution of the Year Winner

Recognized for excellence in performance management technology, empowering remote teams


MENLO PARK, CALIF. – Betterworks, the leader in modern performance management, has been honored with the Performance Management Solution of the Year award by RemoteTech Breakthrough. This accolade highlights Betterworks’ groundbreaking approach to performance management, transforming traditional compliance-focused practices into a continuous performance enablement solution that promotes engagement and drives success across organizations. It reaffirms Betterworks’ position as a leader in empowering leaders, managers, and employees to thrive in the new era of work.

The RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards comprehensively evaluated remote tech solutions, with a focus on identifying the breakthrough innovations that are reshaping the future of work. With over 1,200 nominations from around the globe, being named the winner in the Overall Performance Management Solution category places Betterworks among an elite group of companies like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and other renowned organizations.

“We are incredibly honored to receive the Performance Management Solution of the Year award from RemoteTech Breakthrough,” said Doug Dennerline, Betterworks CEO. “This recognition reinforces our commitment to enabling innovative HR and business leaders to build a strong, collaborative culture where employees are respected, trusted, and empowered to achieve their best work.”

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a shift to remote work for many companies, and Betterworks has been instrumental in supporting this transition. The University of Phoenix, a Betterworks customer, has committed to a fully remote work environment. Jeff Andes, VP of Talent Management at the University of Phoenix, expressed how Betterworks helped them maintain employee engagement during the shift to remote work.

“We wanted a platform for everyday performance development conversations, one that would allow for more focus on dialog as opposed to the rigor of outdated annual reviews,” Andes said. That’s where Betterworks rose to the top.”

Traditional performance management tools often fall short in inspiring and engaging employees due to their compliance-oriented nature and reliance on annual performance reviews. By contrast, Betterworks champions modern performance management that prioritizes ongoing conversations and interactions within the flow of work. The result is continuous performance enablement, a transformative approach that can be seamlessly integrated throughout entire organizations from wherever their employees work. Betterworks’ comprehensive suite of tools — like goal-setting, 1:1 meetings, continuous feedback, recognition, check-ins, and surveys — are designed to align, develop, and activate the potential of remote and hybrid teams.

Betterworks understands the importance of trust, social cohesion, and information sharing in virtual work environments. Through facilitating meaningful and ongoing conversations, feedback and recognition, Betterworks empowers organizations to consciously and actively manage these critical aspects. According to a recent survey conducted by Betterworks in 2023, remote and hybrid employees using the Betterworks platform reported significantly higher levels of feeling valued, satisfaction with their company, and improved performance at work compared to non-Betterworks users:

  • 67% of Betterworks users always feel valued, compared to 37% of non-Betterworks users.
  • 68% of Betterworks users always like working for their company, compared to 39% of non-Betterworks users.
  • 73% of Betterworks users say Betterworks helps them perform better at work, compared to 32% of non-Betterworks users.
  • 61% of Betterworks users always feel like they are tasked to work on the right things, compared to 39% of non-Betterworks users.

About Betterworks

Founded in 2013, Betterworks develops best-in-class performance management solutions that enable exceptional results and put employee experience at the heart of how companies align, motivate, retain, and develop their people. Unlike monolithic legacy HR technology, Betterworks’ lightweight and enterprise-ready SaaS solutions for check-ins, feedback, employee engagement, and recognition are built to scale for businesses of all sizes. Our customers’ employees are proven more engaged and satisfied in their roles, which is why industry leaders like Colgate-Palmolive, Intuit, Udemy, Freddie Mac, Kroger, Vertiv, and the University of Phoenix rely on Betterworks to manage and enable performance. Betterworks is backed by Kleiner Perkins, Emergence Capital, and John Doerr. 

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