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Powering Goals for the Enterprise

The easiest way to set and manage goals

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Build A Legacy

Lasting legacies are built when teams are engaged and working towards a common vision. To help you get there, BetterWorks uses Goal Science™ insights to bring S.M.A.R.T. goals and OKRs into the connected age, making them open, frequent and cross-functionally aligned. Individuals can focus on getting the right work done while leaders foster innovation from the bottom up. Learn how goals can help your company build a legacy.

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Getting Started with OKRs

OKRs is a popular goal setting method adopted by Intel, Google, LinkedIn and other high performing companies to define and track their objectives and key results. Andy Grove implemented OKRs in the 1970s and John Doerr (a BetterWorks board member) made them popular at companies like Google and Zynga. With OKRs, businesses can impose a discipline around goal setting, cascading and establishing indicators to measure progress. If you are thinking about your enterprise goals, there is no better goal setting methodology than OKRs.

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Goal Science

The BetterWorks platform is designed for today’s workforce by applying five Goal Science™ pillars, based on proven goal setting practices and organizational research.

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Learn more about using goals to drive high performance and meet the BetterWorks team:

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"What BetterWorks is doing applies to every company on this planet, whether you are 60 or 60,000 employees strong."

Don Maclennan
Don MacLennan

"Transparency is a tough, but important culture change. BetterWorks helps create an outstanding employee experience so we can retain the best."

Patrick Gormley
Patrick Gormley
Managing Partner

"The more we can be open and honest about our plans, the better. BetterWorks provides that crucial transparency needed around goals."

Jeff Ryan
Jeff Ryan
VP of People
UpWind Solutions

"If I want immediate data on a key initiative in the company, I simply come to BetterWorks."

Peter Wells
Peter Wells

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