Discover the big disconnects in performance management today in the 2024 State of Performance Enablement report.

8 Ways to Enable Top-Notch Manager Coaching

A checklist for equipping your managers to coach for higher performance and career development.

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Are you taking the right actions to empower your managers to help their employees perform at the highest level while also being fulfilled in their careers? 

Being a good manager doesn’t come naturally for most. The skill set required for good management is completely different than that of an individual contributor. The unfortunate reality is that most people become good managers through trial and error — or not at all. And many companies fall short in providing the support managers need to become strong leaders. 

In 8 Ways to Enable Top-Notch Manager Coaching, we draw on data from our 2023 State of Performance Enablement report and our internal experts to give you the detailed steps to take to develop a coaching-based culture through your manager-leaders. 

Key checklist highlights:

  • Understand and deploy Betterworks’ BEST framework
  • Learn how to close the gap between your current and desired states
  • Establish career paths to properly support managers as they coach employees
  • Gain Ideas for helping managers make the transition to coaching
  • Develop the infrastructure for success and learn how to evaluate program success
  • Establish accountability and a support network

Managers need HR’s help to reduce the level and burnout they feel. When you’re done reading the checklist, download our accompanying ebook, How to Help Managers Be Better Coaches, to gather that data to support your efforts to help managers be better coaches.

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