Discover the big disconnects in performance management today in the 2024 State of Performance Enablement report.

7 Ways to Build More Trustworthy Performance Management

A checklist for cultivating an environment of trust to drive well-being, performance, engagement, innovation, and retention.

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Do your employees think your performance management process is fair and helps them perform better? 

Cultivating and maintaining trust requires performance management that promotes an environment where communication is frequent, diverse viewpoints are sought, and employees are trusted to do the work for which they were hired. It is founded on such principles as trust, visibility, clarity, fairness, and adequate support for managers and individual contributors.  

In our checklist, 7 Ways to Build More Trustworthy Performance Management, we draw on data from our 2023 State of Performance Enablement report and our expertise in performance management as we share the keys for sustaining a performance management approach that unleashes human potential to enable your organization to perform at the highest level.

When you’re done reading the checklist, download our accompanying ebook, Focusing on Fairness to Close the Trust Gap, to better understand the link between trust, fairness, and performance management and to gain a framework for cultivating trust.

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