Discover the big disconnects in performance management today in the 2024 State of Performance Enablement report.

12 Qualities that Make Performance Enablement Exceptional

A checklist for evaluating modern performance management to fuel your workforce and business success.

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Is your performance management approach unleashing people’s potential or undermining it?

The wrong performance management approach is worse than having none at all. That much we know from research we conducted last year. This year, in our 2023 State of Performance Enablement report, we heard from managers and employees who like and dislike their performance management processes to find out how it affects their work experience and your bottom line. 

In our checklist, 12 Qualities that Make Performance Management Exceptional, we draw on that data and our expertise in performance management and human psychology to give you a framework for designing a process that actually accomplishes what it’s supposed to.

When you’re done reading the checklist, download our accompanying ebook, Multiplier Effect of Performance Enablement, and learn how and why the right performance enablement strengthens feelings of inclusion, belonging, trust, and other sentiments that help drive engagement productivity, and retention — and ultimately your business success.

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