Discover the big disconnects in performance management today in the 2024 State of Performance Enablement report.

The Multiplier Effect of Performance Enablement

Do you know what ultimately drives employee satisfaction and company profitability?

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Productivity, engagement, and retention are popular workforce metrics enterprises use to gauge profitability. But what are the underlying measures that fuel those?

When employees are engaged and excited about their work, it’s a sign that underlying sentiments of fairness, inclusion, belonging, and confidence, among others, are healthy. This is what the data from our 2023 State of Performance Enablement report shows.

In a focused cut of that report, the Multiplier Effect of Performance Enablement ebook highlights the many facets of employee experience that enterprises can positively influence with the right performance enablement approach.

Key ebook learnings:

  • How your performance management approach affects “soft” measures like confidence, focus, burnout, and stress
  • Actions HR can take to help managers can take to boost employees’ sense of belonging and inclusion
  • The link between performance management and trust
  • The impact of performance reviews on productivity and engagement

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