Discover the big disconnects in performance management today in the 2024 State of Performance Enablement report.

What Employees Want From Performance Management Technology

Having the wrong technology hurts companies more than having no technology at all when it comes to engagement, strategic alignment, productivity, and working on the right tasks.

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We all know the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But what do you do when your performance management process is broken?

According to Betterworks research, both managers and employees say they either have no good solution or the one they have works against them. Among the most striking findings from our latest ebook: Only 20% of employees feel they’re working on the right tasks and two-thirds have check-ins with a direct manager for coaching and feedback twice a year or less.

It’s time to rethink performance management. In our ebook, What Employees and Managers Really Want from Performance Management Technology, you’ll discover:

  • How current performance management solutions, or a lack thereof, fail in the areas of goal development, manager check-ins, feedback, recognition, and growth and development
  • Why the wrong technology is worse than none at all
  • Technology that managers want in order to to be more effective
  • Major shortcomings in HCM systems of record when it comes to performance management
  • Factors to consider in selecting the right technology

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