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The Employee’s Ultimate Guide to Giving and Receiving Feedback

Elevate your culture and performance by promoting feedback across your organization

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We all need feedback to thrive — to learn what works, what doesn’t, and how we can improve to succeed. Most people work on teams and often cross-functionally. Empowering them to provide real-time and meaningful feedback to their colleagues is at the heart of how work gets done well and how employees build positive connections and communicate clearly.

Giving and receiving feedback takes practice. Download this comprehensive guide to better equip your employees to request and deliver feedback that promotes engagement and elevates work and culture. This guide covers:

  • When and why to give feedback
  • Value of timely feedback
  • Types of feedback
  • Tips for offering feedback
  • Giving both positive and constructive feedback
  • How to ask for feedback and understand emotional triggers
  • How to receive and leverage feedback 

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