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Betterworks’ Sub-Processors

To support Betterworks’ Services, Betterworks may utilize third-parties that process Customer Data (each, a “Sub-Processor”). Betterworks utilizes third-party Sub-Processors to provide infrastructure support and to provide assistance with customer support and email notifications. Prior to engaging any third-party Sub-Processor–and on an annual basis thereafter–Betterworks evaluates Sub-Processor’s privacy, security, and confidentiality practices during its diligence reviews. Betterworks also has contractual agreements in place with each Sub-Processor addressing each of their applicable obligations. Undefined terms used on this page shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Betterworks Terms and Conditions, Betterworks Privacy Notice, or the superseding written agreement between Betterworks and Customer (the “Agreement”).

Current List

Betterworks sub-processors

Sub-Processor Name Sub-Processor Location Sub-Processing Activity
Amazon Web Services, Inc. USA –
unless Specified in an Order Form
Cloud-based Service Provider
Box, Inc USA Cloud-based Online File Sharing &
Content Management
Gainsight, Inc USA Cloud-based Customer Success Platform
Heroku, Inc. USA Cloud-based Application Platform
Looker Data Sciences, Inc. USA Business Intelligence Software
Mixpanel USA Cloud-based Business Analytics Platform
New Relic, Inc. USA Cloud-based monitoring of Betterworks’
applications and infrastructure
OwnBackup, Inc. USA Cloud-based Customer Success Platform Backup Services
Pendo.io, Inc. USA Cloud-based Software for User Guides and NPS surveys
Salesforce.com, Inc. USA Cloud-based Customer Success Platform
Twilio – Sendgrid, Inc. USA Cloud-based Notification Services
Workato USA Cloud-based Intelligence Automation Platform
Zendesk, Inc. USA Cloud-based Customer Support Services

Engage specific sub-processors

Sub-Processor Name Sub-Processor Location Sub-Processing Activity
MongoDB, Inc. USA Cloud-based Database Services
Mailchimp USA Cloud-based Email Notification Services


As Betterworks continues to grow, Betterworks’ use of our Sub-Processors may change. When we do, we will revise the “last updated” date above. If and when we make changes, Customer may be notified by email or through the Services directly, or, Betterworks will post a prominent notice on this page at or prior to the change becoming effective.

If Customers would like to be notified via email when a change is made to our sub-processor list, please use the following form to sign up for notifications.

Last Updated

September 24, 2021

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