The Big Disconnect

Bridging the Leadership-Employee Disconnect

Dive into our State of Performance Enablement report for 2024, showcasing major gaps that organizations need to bridge to turn performance management into a powerhouse for productivity. Understand the disconnects and explore actionable insights for ensuring your workforce not only adapts but thrives amidst relentless change.

Key Highlights:

  • Employees are 57% less likely than leaders to view performance management processes as successful
  • A well-executed performance strategy can spike productivity by an impressive 31%
  • 20-40% of employees miss out on crucial manager-employee interactions, limiting their potential
  • Employees feel 10x more optimistic about career growth in companies with effective performance management
  • 66% of middle managers face challenges in leading their teams due to pressure from all sides
  • Combining purpose-built performance tools with HCMs significantly outperforms standalone or manual systems

Embrace the future of work with insights that matter. Step up your performance management game to hit lofty 2024 productivity targets while simultaneously strengthening your workforce for years to come.

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