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Responding to the Great Resignation and Shaping the Future of Work

The Great Resignation is here. What comes next?

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We’re kicking off our People Fundamentals webinar series by posing that question to the person who first coined the term: Dr. Anthony Klotz.

In this interactive webinar, Anthony, an associate professor of organizational behavior at UCL School of Management, and Susan Van Klink, Strategic Advisor at Betterworks, will discuss the future of work and provide evidence-based guidance for how HR leaders can make work better by redesigning organizations in ways that are more sustainable for the well-being and performance of workers, leaders, and the business.

This is available for one

SHRM credit: 23-TWHC3
HRCI credit: 604106 

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Craft talent management strategies that address the different causes of the Great Resignation.
  • Position your organization to thrive in the talent marketplace of the future.
  • Find the silver lining in the challenges we’ve faced in the past two years to weather the ongoing impact of The Great Resignation and strengthen employee engagement through it.

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