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Why University of Phoenix Prioritizes Betterworks In the Flow of Work


VP of Talent Management at University of Phoenix, Jeff Andes, describes how Betterworks’ flexibility and seamless integration into the flow of work have enhanced his organization’s performance processes. Watch now or read the transcript to learn more about how University of Phoenix has successfully utilized the Betterworks solution to transform their performance management program.


Jeff Andes:
The point around the Betterworks solution is it has the ability to be in the moment, in the flow of work, whether you talk about recognition or appreciation or feedback, positive or constructive, as you think about check-in conversations, as you think about 1:1 conversations and documenting those when you want to in the flow of work, that is what has really worked out for us.

Also, from a goal-setting perspective, we are not an OKR shop, and Betterworks has a huge OKR component, but the tool is so flexible that it works for goals. In fact, some of our teams use OKRs at University of Phoenix and some of them use traditional goals at University of Phoenix, and it worked for both.

So again, in the flow of work, because we don’t prescribe a lot of processes. We give frameworks to our leaders and allow them to be leaders, so one part of the business can do OKRs, and the other part of the business can do goals in a different way, and it works for our company.