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How Betterworks Helped Kuehne+Nagel Navigate Organizational Change


Global Head of HR Information Systems at Kuehne + Nagel, Marko Perendija, describes how his organization benefited from Betterworks’ support during the change management process as well as Betterworks’ flexibility and customizability. Watch now or read the transcript to learn more about why Kuehne + Nagel chose Betterworks and how they have realized success with their use of the solution.


Marko Perendija:
I have to agree and say yes. First of all, we very much knew what was coming. And that’s another reason why we chose Betterworks and also making sure that this is the case during the implementation phase. The professionalism, the hand-holding during the process, the famous, “customer is always right.” But dealing with so many providers, we really felt the difference. Professional team knowledgeable about performance enablement and the trends.

Not only driving the trends and it was more like, “Hey, you need to have a process,” which we did. And still, this process was very much shaped and challenged by your teams. And I must say, in the end, I think we came up with a very, very good process. And also to comment a bit on the Betterworks solution, it’s flexible in the areas where it should be. It’s very much business-grade, knowing exactly where we need the customizations, even if it’s a cloud provider. So that was quite good. Once again, the team made a big difference, and the commitment, really.