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People Analytics ROI:
To Build or To Buy

3 Approaches to Deploying
Your Analytics Dashboard

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In an era where understanding your workforce goes beyond a basic need and becomes a strategic imperative, the decision to build or buy your people analytics solution is more critical than ever. With the People Analytics ROI: To Build or To Buy guide, you’re not just choosing a tool but setting the foundation for strategic HR and business-wide decisions that maximize workforce value.

In this guide, you’ll discover three distinct approaches to deploying your people and performance analytics dashboard:

  • Build from scratch leveraging internal expertise
  • Adopt a generic BI tool for a broader application
  • Use a purpose-built people analytics tool designed for HR excellence

Explore the considerations, potential ROI, and the path that aligns with your organization’s unique needs and goals. HR and HR technology leaders facing the challenge of making informed, data-driven decisions swiftly will gain:

  • A comprehensive comparison of building vs. buying analytics solutions
  • Key considerations including technical expertise, cost, and integration capabilities
  • Insights into maximizing ROI and leveraging analytics for strategic decision-making

Learn how to unlock the full potential of your workforce with advanced analytics. 

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