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Unleash HR Data to Become the ‘Gatekeeper of Organizational Greatness’

By Harini Sridharan
July 27, 2023
2 minute read

Every company leader wants to achieve business objectives, but HR leaders possess an additional insight: They understand that strategic initiatives succeed or fail based on the people involved.

“As an HR leader, you have a unique vantage point on people that other executives, other leaders in the company do not have,” said Arnaud Grunwald, chief product officer at Betterworks, during the webinar Cracking the Code to Maximizing People ROI. “Simply said, you can see people.”

As an HR leader, you recognize that business success depends on your workforce’s well-being, engagement, and growth. But historically, decoding this workforce value has been difficult. That’s why we’ve partnered with Visier to launch Betterworks’ advanced analytics capabilities. We capture the performance data inputted every day by managers and employees and interpret it visually in easy-to-read dashboards.

By unleashing the insights locked in your data, you can “be the gatekeeper of organizational greatness,” Arnaud said. When you use analytics to better understand your workforce, you can generate strategy-changing insights and greater business impact.

Read on for highlights from the webinar, where Arnaud shared how HR leaders can unlock success by implementing advanced analytics.

Overcoming a lack of expertise and experience

Not every HR team has the in-house data analytics experience and expertise to turn raw data into actionable insights. But the right tools, like Betterworks’ Advanced Analytics, help make data interpretation and application more accessible to HR teams.

“Whether you’re an HR administrator or an HR leader, you’re coming into the platform, and you have this view that breaks down what’s what,” Paul said. 

Our guidebooks tell the story locked in your data so you can make fully informed talent decisions. “We’ve designed these guidebooks so that, when you drill into them, it does follow that Q&A approach,” Paul continued.  This gives visibility into the questions that are top of mind for you and your organization.

By comparing a multitude of data points, this system enables a variety of visuals and enhanced snapshots of daily performance, as well as revealing organizational or department trends. For example, you could look at how performance is evolving across different diversity groups over time to understand where they may be gaps in training or unintended bias affecting various employee populations.  

You can use breakdowns, side-by-side comparisons, and stacked-bar visuals to isolate different factors of employee performance. Use those insights to continue investing in what you’re getting right and course-correct where you’re going off track.  In addition to the dashboards, users can create their own custom analyses, as well as share and show the data visualizations..

Maximizing people ROI is an equation of workforce impact divided by workforce cost. “You need to optimize that workforce impact numerator,” Arnaud said. “And for that, you need to understand what enables engagement, what enables stellar performance and positive business outcomes — and we really believe that with advanced analytics, we can help you optimize that numerator value.”

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Want to see the entire webinar? View  “Cracking the Code to Maximizing People ROI With Betterworks Advanced Analytics” on-demand.

Cracking the Code to Maximizing People ROI with Betterworks Advanced Analytics