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Transform Your Workforce Into a Powerful Asset With Betterworks Engage’s Employee Engagement Framework & Templates

By Betterworks
June 25, 2019
2 minute read
Transform Your Workforce Into a Powerful Asset With Betterworks Engage’s Employee Engagement Framework & Templates

Employee engagement is critical to maximizing productivity and success. An engaged workforce leverages the full strength of every enterprise’s greatest asset, its employee base, and aligns it with an organization’s goals and vision. However, gauging those engagement levels is a critical first step in transforming insight into action, one that Betterworks Engage has entirely devoted itself to improving.

To help enterprise’s accurately measure engagement levels, we’ve created our Employee Engagement Framework & Templates, an essential tool organizations can use to improve their culture, performance, and growth. Whether a startup or well-established, it’s flexible enough to adapt to any enterprise’s specific needs.

Adaptable & Comprehensive

As you’ll see, we’ve segmented employee engagement across 13 separate categories to capture a full spectrum of insights, including everything from leadership and the work environment to communication and benefits. Organizations can choose between three different surveys — mini, standard, and extended — to find a Betterworks Engage template that suits their feedback culture and style best.

Driven by Expertise

While developing our Employee Engagement Framework & Templates, we consulted with industry leaders for their expertise and guidance. We began the process with Deloitte’s renowned industry analyst, Josh Bersin, and his Simply Irresistible Organization model, to determine which categories would ultimately serve as the foundation for our templates.

To further hone the process, we then consulted with Professor Gavin Kilduff of NYU’s Stern School of Business, a rising star in the study of management and organizational theory. Professor Kilduff helped us mold that foundation into a statistically-relevant, authentic, and illuminating set of feedback question to drive our templates.

The results of our efforts is a set of survey templates that will help any enterprise draw essential people analytics from their workforce. Built on over two decades of academic research on topics like Psychological Safety, Organizational Identification, and Turnover Intention, our Employee Engagement Framework & Templates is a powerful tool to unleash the potential already sitting inside your workforce.