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Third Bridge Uses Employee Feedback To Increase Retention & Upskill During Rapid Growth

By Betterworks
2 minute read
Updated on September 7, 2022

Rapid growth can be extremely challenging for organizations and their employees. Without proper planning and communication, especially in a globally distributed organization, stress can damage organizational culture during these periods of rapid growth. We discuss these issues and the critical role employee feedback and engagement play with our newest case study, Third Bridge Uses Employee Feedback To Increase Retention & Upskill During Rapid Growth.

Combating Attrition While Scaling for Growth

Third Bridge Group, the focus of our study, is a rapidly growing consulting firm with eight offices in three different continents. Their HR leadership was looking for a solution that would seamlessly blend into their flow of work while helping them retain their talent and quickly upskill managers to grow with the firm. The majority of their issues stemmed from an inaccurate pulse on the opinions and needs of a fast-growing and highly diverse employee base stretched across an international footprint.

Employee Feedback Provides Granular Insights

Throughout our case study, we examine the different ways in which our feedback & engagement solution empowered Third Bridge to effectively address their issues, including:

  • How feedback helps retain talent and minimize costly attrition
  • Blending surveys within the flow of employees’ work to maximize participation & impact
  • Scaling knowledge & skill to quickly advance young managers
  • How HRMS integration benefits small, lean HR departments
  • Improving communication across an international footprint
  • Using feedback at different stages of the employee journey

As discussed in Third Bridge Uses Employee Feedback To Increase Retention & Upskill During Rapid Growth, Third Bridge is already realizing the benefits of Betterworks Engage’s scalable engagement solution98% participation rates, new pilot programs for career development & retention, and streamlined onboarding, to name just a few.

With these impressive participation rates across their global workforce, greater clarity and communication, and targeted action planning to drive positive change, Third Bridge is well on its way to making a mark across the globe.