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From the New CEO of Betterworks: Why I Joined the Team

By Doug Dennerline
2 minute read
Updated on March 18, 2022
From the New CEO of Betterworks Why I Joined the Team

I’d like to introduce myself: I’m Doug Dennerline, and I’m the new Chief Executive Officer of Betterworks. In November 2017, I joined the company’s board as Executive Chairman, and today marks my [tweet text=” We’re thrilled to announce Doug Dennerline as our new CEO! #Betterworks”]”official first day as CEO.”[/tweet] So you’re probably wondering…. why did I join Betterworks?

First, I was excited by the market opportunity. Processes for performance management were built for an outdated hierarchical management structure– but that’s just not how people work today. In fact, matrixed teams are formed, disbanded and reformed continuously around the ever-changing needs and priorities faced by growing businesses.

Today’s forward-thinking organizations recognize this and are actively seeking solutions to transparently align individuals and teams around the top organizational goals while also deepening individual employee engagement with continuous feedback, coaching and development. The Betterworks technology helps every manager be a better manager, thus positively impacting every employees’ day to day experience.

I’m also excited about the Betterworks product roadmap. As we wrote about in our press release, we’re investing in expanding the capabilities of Betterworks, making their continuous management program exclusive to the DNA of their company. We’ll be introducing new capabilities that managers and HR leaders can use to align individual and team skill development with business goals, and remove biases (e.g. recency bias) from the performance management process.

My decision to join as CEO had a lot to do with the Betterworks team. After joining as Executive Chairman, I got to know the team and culture, and it was nothing like what had been depicted in the press. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. The team is hyper aware of the potential for harassment and discrimination in the workplace. We’re wholeheartedly and actively committed to fostering a culture where all employees feel like they belong.

This team is also extremely dedicated to bringing innovation to the performance management process; helping people engage with their companies in a meaningful way and helping managers become better managers.

Today marks the start of Betterworks newest, brightest chapter yet. I look forward to being a part of the Betterworks team and culture.