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Life as a Betterworks product marketing intern

By Caroline Elarde
August 11, 2022
2 minute read

My name is Caroline Elarde and I am wrapping up my summer as a product marketing intern at Betterworks. With just a week to go, I’ve begun to reflect on my time here and the amazing experiences I’ve had. The summer has been a rewarding one as I’ve had the opportunity to work on important projects, further develop my skills, and meet and work alongside many intelligent and driven people. In just these few short months, I feel that I’ve gained experience and knowledge that has further shaped my aspirations and vision for the future as I enter my senior year at Colgate University.

Making Meaningful Contributions

As an undergraduate, an internship is a valuable opportunity to develop your skills and learn new ones, gain experience, and explore a role. At Betterworks, I was able to do this as I worked on impactful internal and external projects that helped to further the marketing team’s current goals.

One of the team’s major projects this summer was a website refresh which I had the opportunity to contribute to. I designed wireframes for several pages with a focus on ensuring users receive relevant information efficiently. As another central component of this work, I collaborated with product managers to determine products’ value propositions and authored compelling website copy that highlights these points. My last day at Betterworks falls on the website’s launch date and following this project and others from their initial stages through to their final, polished iterations has proven to be one of the most fulfilling aspects of my internship experience. 

Advancing My Professional Development Goals

During my time at Betterworks, I’ve also had the opportunity to continue to develop my skills. In many facets of life, presentation skills are essential, and this was a particular area I aimed to further develop this summer. As part of a research project in which I explored best practices for an upcoming marketing initiative and provided my own ideas and recommendations, I was able to do this. During the last week of my internship, I presented my research findings and ideas to the entire marketing team, eliciting preliminary discussion of different aspects of the project as it enters the planning stage.

A Warm Welcome and Supportive Environment

As soon as the onboarding process began, I received welcomes from many across the company. It became apparent that during my internship experience at Betterworks, I would be surrounded by supportive individuals invested in each other’s success. Throughout the summer, I got to know the members of the marketing team and met others as we collaborated cross-functionally on different projects and initiatives. The interactions were inspiring and the drive and expertise of the team was motivating. The enjoyable and encouraging work environment cultivated at Betterworks has been a highlight of my experience, with positivity and friendliness brought to every meeting.

The Summer in Review

The opportunity I’ve had to contribute to important projects and initiatives, learn about product marketing and the performance management software space, and work alongside the many supportive, intelligent, and hardworking people at Betterworks has been an invaluable experience. I leave having learned a great deal over the course of the summer and look forward to keeping up with Betterworks and the marketing team.