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Keep Your Remote Workforce Aligned with Microsoft Teams and Betterworks Integration

By Melissa Alchimisti
May 22, 2020
2 minute read

Until recently, the ability to work from home was considered an employee perk by most. In the wake of the Coronavirus, remote work has become a necessity – changing the way teams collaborate and how managers engage with their direct reports. As companies shift to remote work, it’s more important than ever that they preserve their ability to engage employees and keep them focused on the right things. The Betterworks integration with Microsoft Teams can help.

Rapid change has become characteristic of business today. To be successful, companies must be able to respond to changing market conditions, shifting focus as business needs dictate. In an effort to achieve this agility, businesses are increasingly adopting a continuous approach to managing employee performance. Continuous performance management™ gives business leaders the ability to keep the entire workforce aligned with changing priorities while ensuring that each and every employee is engaged and given the skills needed to support the company in the future.

The Coronavirus has added a new dimension to the notion of rapid business change. Businesses are finding that they must be prepared to respond to global pandemics as swiftly as they adjust to changing market conditions – and when the two collide (as they inevitably will) – the workforce must be supported in new ways. Most notably, that means remote work is no longer a privilege reserved for the few but a requirement to maintain business continuity.

Many companies are turning to Microsoft Teams to support their workforce during these volatile times. The leading collaboration software has 75 million daily active users, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Some of these new users have had access to Teams as part of a broader package and are only now turning it on for the first time.

Microsoft Teams enables employees to securely chat, meet, call, and collaborate all in one place, no matter where they happen to be. Enterprise-grade features make conference calls a breeze while centralized collaboration tools improve productivity.

Teams has made it easy for many companies to shift to a remote work model at a time when staying focused is both challenging and critical to the business. But businesses still need visibility into employee objectives and the ability to steer the workforce in the right direction. The Betterworks integration with Microsoft Teams will help ensure your team members stay focused on the work that matters most. This can serve as another channel to help your people maintain communication and transparency and to motivate them to achieve their goals.

As companies navigate the new work dynamic beyond Covid-19, it’s important that business leaders can support the workforce as seamlessly as possible while keeping team members connected personally and professionally. Together, Microsoft Teams and Betterworks can empower you to move forward with confidence.