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Introducing Calibration and Feedback Summary from Betterworks

By Betterworks
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Updated on June 15, 2022
Introducing Calibration and Feedback Summary from Betterworks

Betterworks is excited to announce the release of Calibration and Feedback Summary, which expand the capabilities of our award-winning performance management solution by increasing visibility into employee performance and potential while also simplifying the process for preparing for and having calibration discussions. Together, these innovations completely change the 9-Box calibration process to meet the needs of today’s workforce.  

“Calibration and Feedback Summary take full advantage of the valuable data and insights gathered from a continuous performance process,” said Doug Dennerline, chief executive officer at Betterworks. “By making goal achievement, feedback and conversation data more actionable, HR teams and business leaders are able to better understand their talent easily and consistently, with less bias and greater accuracy.” 


Betterworks Calibration transforms how HR professionals facilitate talent calibration meetings to identify their next-generation leaders enabling a continuous approach, fueled by rich data. Insights into every employee’s goal achievement, development feedback, recognition and manager conversations are seamlessly gathered through a continuous performance process, significantly easing prep time for both managers and HR while also improving calibration meeting effectiveness with an intuitive, drag and drop UI.

“Historically, calibration required significant time from both managers and HR to prepare for a meeting where box placement may be too heavily influenced by the best debater in the room,” said Amy Cappellanti – Wolf, member of Betterworks’ board of directors. “Betterworks’ new take on Calibration removes the prep headaches and, importantly, levels the playing field for every employee. With Betterworks, everyone has a holistic view of each employee at their fingertips, –all informed from continuous conversations, feedback and goal achievement. This innovative approach removes bias and facilitates data-driven talent assessments and decisions.”

Betterworks Calibration reduces pre-meeting prep time for both managers and HR while also increasing meeting effectiveness with data-driven insights and intuitive drag and drop UI  

Calibration was built from the ground up to support continuous talent planning including:  

  • Support for bi-annual, quarterly, monthly and on-demand calibration
  • Streamlines calibration decision-making
  • Facilitates organization-wide talent calibration

“Betterworks Calibration gives us the ability to integrate strategic, forward-thinking talent planning processes within our existing business processes,” said Jeff Andes, vice president of talent management at the University of Phoenix. “Our leaders will be able to have our talent planning process seamlessly integrated within the performance management activities that they’re already doing, making it possible for us to agilely calibrate talent throughout the year.”

Feedback Summary

In addition to Calibration, Betterworks announced the release of its new Feedback Summary, which provides a holistic view of all of an employee’s feedback from coworkers and managers over time. This consolidated view of all employee feedback also shows performance averages and distributions for leaders looking for insights across larger teams while still allowing drill down to individual employees. Feedback Summary meets the increasing demand for 360° evaluations and supports peer assessments and multi-rater feedback to inform performance assessment.

Feedback Summary is available to existing Betterworks customers as part of their current subscription. Calibration is available to purchase as an add-on to the Betterworks enterprise subscription offering.