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Get Certified to Drive Alignment and Connection with OKRs

By Betterworks
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Updated on August 17, 2022
Get Certified to Drive Alignment and Connection with OKRs

When many of our customers first sign up for Betterworks, they aren’t just looking for a platform that allows them to simply set Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) within their organization – they’re looking to become the strongest possible OKR leaders and users in order to maximize efforts and deliver on business results. With this in mind, Betterworks launched our OKR Master Certification Program in June of 2020 – a 5-session program designed to teach participants to become true OKR leaders through interactive live sessions with OKR coaches.

Not only will participants learn the basics of OKRs, they will also be introduced to subject matter experts who will teach them to identify the quality, value, and weaknesses of OKRs so that they can challenge their organization to create and achieve the most aspirational objectives possible. Participants will be asked to defend their OKRs against success criteria and then make relevant adjustments to their objectives. As they discover enablement strategies within themselves, they can then apply these findings to their teams and organizations in order to facilitate alignment and connection. 

Benefits of joining the program 

When you sign up for our Betterworks OKR Master Certification Program, you can expect to learn about the organizational benefits of using an OKR system, which we break down into FACTS. FACTS stands for Focus, Alignment, Commitment, Tracking, and Stretching – 5 things we will teach you to do with your OKRs throughout the course. Learning a vital check-system for your OKRs means you’re more likely to identify strengths and weaknesses upfront when goal setting. 

OKRs are also a great tool for driving a collective commitment to success within your organization. Setting well-structured goals allows each employee to know and understand their individual contributions to the organization and builds a culture of ownership in each role. This creates a better environment for productivity and motivation, even when your workforce is remote. 

We also teach you to use OKRs to drive your organization’s mission and vision, as OKRs are a powerful way to lead the company in a unified direction when used correctly. Being more unified as an organization leads to greater employee engagement and aligns the entire workforce to the top priorities of the organization. 

An additional benefit to joining the program is learning how to set the foundation to help leaders manage outcomes versus tasks and activities. When the focus is set on the result, employees are more motivated to find the solution and accomplish the task at hand on their own. This creates trust between the employee and the manager and minimizes the need for things like micromanaging. 

What our participants had to say

We could go on about the benefits of joining our OKR Master Certification Program – but let us share some feedback we received from our first two cohorts:

The Betterworks OKR Master Certification Program is a great blend of both virtual, self-paced learning and live sessions that are interactive and informative. The small group settings allow you to develop OKR skills and gain valuable feedback about how to not only write effective OKR’s but also how to successfully implement the program, get buy in from your team and discuss what roadblocks you may encounter. I would highlight recommend this course for those who are interested in learning more about OKR’s or how to more effectively train their teams on establishing goals.

– Stephanie Bloch, Amazon

Instead of simply providing reading material, you’ll learn through hands-on practice with exercises and creating your own OKRs. Even if you don’t have any previous experience with OKRs, you’ll come away knowing how to recognize and write your own high-quality OKRs.

– Eric Li, Candid

Sign up for an upcoming course 

Interested in joining the OKR Master Certification Program yourself? Spots are open in our cohorts through March 2021. We can’t wait to guide you on your OKR learning journey.

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