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7 Examples of How to Drive Workforce Transformation With Modern Performance Management

By Michelle Gouldsberry
March 29, 2024
9 minute read

Imagine stepping into an organization where innovation meets action, where modern performance management meshes seamlessly with everyday work, delivering workforce transformation, promoting organizational growth, and elevating culture.

Companies like LivePerson, Wolt, and Crakmedia, along with giants such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, are breaking down silos, boosting performance and engagement, improving their employees’ experiences, driving efficiencies, and so much more. In doing so, they demonstrate a commitment to finding a better way when it comes to enabling performance. We recently recognized several of our customers during our 2024 EmpowerHR Summits in the Americas and EMEA.

Here are seven inspirational examples of how our customers are approaching performance management with performance enablement — redefining what it means to be organizationally excellent and a place where people want to work and grow.

Impact Award  Performance Program): LivePerson

Impact Award (Enterprise OKR): Sony Pictures Entertainment

People Award: Crakmedia

Scale Award: The Driving Force Group

HR Visionary Award: Shaun Rudden, Wolt

Advocate Award: Lenietta Hunter, Conviva

Trailblazer Award: Lexie Myers, Medical Solutions

LivePerson quickly turns up performance with a comprehensive approach

In 2023, LivePerson moved to Betterworks to upgrade its performance management technology and achieved an impressive 85% adoption rate within just 45 days. This shift enabled OKRs to be set early in the year, fostering a structured and effective goal-setting process unlike any before.

A regional sales team at LivePerson introduced a monthly cadence for managerial meetings, which included reviewing and updating OKRs, significantly boosting the region’s sales performance. LivePerson introduced a streamlined — and very well-received — year-end review process, creating efficiencies that have not only reduced the “lift” to complete self-assessments and manager assessments but have also laid the foundation for a robust talent management framework focused on performance and potential. This strategic initiative has been pivotal in identifying key talent and ensuring operational resilience through cross-training and targeted development efforts in this performance year.

Additionally, LivePerson’s integration of Betterworks recognition capabilities with its internal “Bravo” Slack channel has elevated employee recognition, linking accolades directly to performance and enhancing visibility across the organization. The introduction of Betterworks Engage for surveys also marked a significant leap forward in gathering employee insights, allowing LivePerson to transition to a more dynamic feedback model, in addition to other listening mechanisms for onboarding and employee experience-related events. Most recently, LivePerson has begun using Betterworks AI writing assistant tools and is implementing Betterworks Calibration and Advanced Analytics, which they’ve begun to use to analyze which team members are creating developmental goals.

About LivePerson

LivePerson powers nearly a billion digital customer conversations for the world’s leading brands with its Conversational Cloud platform and AI-powered solutions that accelerate contact center transformation, supercharge agent productivity, and deliver more personalized customer experiences. Fast Company named it the most innovative AI company in the world. 

The Impact Award recognizes a company’s outstanding achievement in tying together its people and performance programs with goal-setting initiatives, showcasing the tangible impact and overall organizational improvement attributed to the implementation of Betterworks.

Sony Pictures Entertainment uses OKRs to focus on shared priorities

Sony Pictures Entertainment launched its OKR program in 2018. Over the past seven years, OKRs and the company’s implementation of Betterworks to track them have helped SPE exceed all expectations by fostering collaboration and clarity around shared priorities.

About SPE

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Group Corporation. SPE’s global operations encompass motion picture production, acquisition, and distribution; television production, acquisition, and distribution; television networks; digital content creation and distribution; operation of studio facilities; and development of new entertainment products, services and technologies. 

The 2024 Impact Award recognizes a company’s outstanding achievement in tying together its people and performance programs with goal-setting initiatives, showcasing the tangible impact and overall organizational improvement attributed to the implementation of Betterworks.

Crakmedia focuses on excellence with a people-first approach

Crakmedia is laser-focused on building an inclusive, employee-first culture that is growth-centered. The company prides itself on promoting a vibrant, innovative work culture and listening to employees. Learning and engagement are core. 

Betterworks is currently the cornerstone of performance management at Crakmedia, allowing all employees to flexibly set and align their goals — nearly 2,000 a quarter — with the main high-level objectives. Employees are able to manage their goals in the flow of work— in the tools they use every day. Crakmedia also implemented several solutions to streamline performance management, establish regular manager-employee conversations, improve feedback loops, provide relevant training, enhance onboarding, and adopt a work culture aligned with Crakmedia’s core values: integrity, partnership, innovation, team spirit, and ambition. This includes using the Betterworks Conversations module for yearly and mid-year evaluations, and as a way to promote conversations between employees and managers on their work journey and future.

By using Betterworks, in conjunction with its employee-focused activities and other tools, Crakmedia has cut its voluntary turnover rate in half in four years…from 34% in 2019 to 15% in 2023. Engagement scores are up to 8.2 on a scale of 10, which is higher than the average for similar companies. The time to reach full efficiency has been cut in half, from 6-12 months to 3-6 months, which means a shorter time to ramp for full productivity.

About Crakmedia

Crakmedia is a web marketing firm that was founded in Quebec in 2006 and has grown exponentially ever since. Between 2018 and 2024, the company’s crew has more than tripled in size following an equally impressive growth in business revenue. Its digital ads are viewed over 1.5 billion times a day across 150 countries.

The 2024 People Award recognizes an organization that prioritizes its people and dedicates itself to building a culture that attracts and retains high performance by putting people first.

The Driving Force Group drives growth while promoting continuous employee improvement

The Driving Force Group of Companies is a vehicle rentals, sales, leasing, and fleet management services company based in Canada. In 2020, it expanded into the US market with the opening of fleet branches in Texas and Oklahoma, and has grown from 400 to 700 employees in two years.

The expansion wasn’t limited to geography and workforce size: the company also embarked on a visionary “Mission to Mars,” a strategic five-year plan to pioneer innovative and sustainable fleet solutions to revolutionize transportation with a focus on efficiency, environmental responsibility, and global community impact. The core of “Mission to Mars” is to balance taking care of its people with delivering exceptional customer service. 

The company’s THRIVE employee wellness program played a role in this endeavor, along with the strategic use of Betterworks for real-time feedback and performance management. Together, these have been instrumental in fostering a vibrant and inclusive company culture amidst expansion. The approach is driven by feedback from employee opinion surveys and has allowed The Driving Force to continuously improve its support programs. 

By implementing initiatives such as “Celebrate Great”, “Appreciations” and comprehensive wellness activities, the company has not only created a positive work environment but also ensured that every member of the team feels valued, heard, and motivated. The Driving Force also uses the Betterworks Goals module to enable every employee to set ambitious goals and track their progress transparently, creating a shared sense of purpose and direction. This, along with its use of the Betterworks Conversations and Engage modules and recognition capabilities, provides The Driving Force with a comprehensive solution that allows them to assess the effectiveness of their programs and fosters a culture of empowerment, continuous improvement, and growth throughout all levels of the organization. 

About The Driving Force Group

Since opening in 1978, The Driving Force has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the largest fleet management and transportation solutions providers in Canada. The company prides itself on quality, work-ready vehicles, high safety standards, and superior customer service, and steadfastly maintains a commitment to its core values to deliver unmatched solutions.

The recipient of the 2024 Scale Award has demonstrated unprecedented growth, successfully scaling both people and processes while prioritizing advancement with great agility.

Wolt’s head of people development focuses on technology to elevate performance

Shaun Rudden and his team strive to create a great place where everyone wants to work and to do this in a way that focuses on simple technology-driven HR solutions. 

Wolt leverages Betterworks to streamline its performance and talent management processes, enhance employee experiences, and drive organizational efficiency. Shaun and the team partnered with Betterworks to provide expertise and technology to launch a continuous performance program that will increase employee engagement and productivity across the year. His goal has been to simplify the user experience with an easy-to-use platform that enables agility and adaptability.

About Wolt

Wolt is a Helsinki-based technology company founded in 2014 that makes it easy to discover and get the best restaurants, grocery stores, and other local shops delivered to customers. Wolt develops a range of technologies from local logistics to retail software and financial solutions, as well as operates its own grocery stores under the brand Wolt Market. Wolt’s mission is to make cities better places for customers, merchants, and couriers. In 2022, Wolt joined forces with DoorDash, which operates in 29 countries today, 25 of which are with the Wolt product and brand.
The recipient of the 2024 HR Visionary Award is an individual who champions and drives HR transformation and innovation in their organization.

Conviva’s director of people and culture tirelessly promotes innovation and shares knowledge

Lenietta (Nita) Hunter’s journey with Conviva began in November 2014 and has been nothing short of remarkable. She has been a pivotal force in transforming Conviva from a small startup into a flourishing, multinational powerhouse through her innovative leadership and commitment to fostering a culture of growth and inclusivity.

As one of the program leads for Conviva’s Betterworks program, Nita oversees the use of Betterworks Goals for creating and tracking the company’s SMART goals, Betterworks Conversations for doing quarterly check-ins and annual reflections, and Betterworks Feedback for the robust use of anytime feedback.   

Nita’s achievements extend beyond Conviva. Her willingness to share her insights and experiences has significantly impacted the HR industry. She has played a key role in implementing cutting-edge learning and development programs, scaling global operations, and launching Conviva’s global social responsibility program, all while maintaining an impressive 80% adoption rate of Betterworks’ technology. Her dedication to excellence and strategic approach to promoting the importance of HR technology have contributed to Conviva’s success and inspired many in the industry to harness the power of technology to achieve greater success.

About Conviva

Conviva pioneered and continues to define the standards for real-time, cross-screen, end-to-end streaming media intelligence. It is the only global streaming analytics platform for big data that collects, standardizes, and puts trillions of streaming data points in context, in real time. The Conviva platform enables customers to understand and act on experience, advertising, social, and content insights for every stream across every screen, and every second. 

The recipient of the 2024 Advocate Award is an individual who has supported Betterworks within their organization and also shared their Betterworks story in the industry, helping others learn the importance and impact of including this technology in their organization.

Medical Solutions’ VP of talent management spurs transformational performance management

In early 2019, Lexie Myers joined Medical Solutions, a company on the edge of rapid growth. There were different processes and perceived value for providing feedback and employee performance reviews. Committed to understanding the current environment and leader sentiment, and to visualizing an achievable path for the future, Lexie proposed a multi-year strategy to reshape the company’s performance culture. This included the introduction of a talent rhythm framework, which incorporates aligned performance ratings, merit increases, calibration, goal setting, feedback, and the identification of top talent for development planning.

After Medical Solutions chose Betterworks in 2022 to enable its new vision for performance management, Lexie spent much of 2023 leading a cross-functional team in designing a new set of tools to support the talent rhythm. The company implemented Betterworks Goals, Feedback, Conversations, 1:1s, and Calibration modules and recognition capabilities. By the end of the year, nearly 95% of employees had shared their self-assessments with their managers. Lexie hopes the process will increase employees’ perception of the value of feedback and how their assessments can contribute to their own personal and professional career development.

In 2024, the Talent Management team is prepared to start using data to have informed conversations and coach leaders on how to best drive performance in their organizations.

About Medical Solutions

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Medical Solutions is one of the nation’s largest healthcare talent ecosystems. It connects nurses and allied health clinicians with hospitals and healthcare systems across the country with service offerings including contingent staffing, managed services, strike staffing, permanent placement, local contract, per diem, and international staffing.

The recipient of the 2024 Trailblazer Award is an individual who has been a relentless driver behind the scenes, working to transform HR in their organization.

Spearhead performance enablement in your organization

Moving from traditional performance management to a forward-looking modern performance enablement approach may seem like a big change, but the transition can be done in a phased approach that makes it manageable for everyone involved. Higher engagement, productivity, retention, sense of belonging, improved organizational agility from goal alignment and transparency, and improvements to culture are just some of the benefits of embracing the better way offered by performance enablement.

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