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Employee Feedback Helps Tata Steel Retain Top Talent

By Betterworks
2 minute read
Updated on June 27, 2022
Employee Feedback Helps Tata Steel Retain Top Talent

Older, well-established organizations often lack the flexibility to adapt to the demands of a younger talent base. Without an employer brand that appeals to critical young talent, such an enterprise can quickly fall behind the competition for innovative, driven minds that infuse it with a fresh perspective. In our case study, Employee Feedback Helps Tata Steel Retain Top Talent, we examine the critical role productive feedback plays in staying attuned to new generations of talent, driving the organization into a more agile future.

Building on Yesterday for a Better Tomorrow

As discussed in our case study, Tata Steel is one of the largest, most well-established brands in the world, boasting a footprint that spans 26 countries. They are part of the Tata Group, an international conglomerate that includes well-known brands such as Taj Hotels, Jaguar-Land Rover, and Titan Watches.

Tata Steel, despite featuring a workforce 80,000 employees strong, found itself missing on top young recruits from the most prestigious business schools. Outdated policies & systems made it impossible to collect their people data into a unified place, obscuring the holistic view they needed to truly understand their employees and the impact of their initiatives.

Feedback Drives Change With Revealing Insights

In our study, we look at the many ways Tata Steel uses our employee feedback and engagement solution to transform itself and its employer brand, including:

  • How quick, consistent surveys provide an accurate pulse on its employee base
  • Using advanced analytics to identify trends & issues across employee segments
  • Integrating lifecycle surveys throughout the employee journey
  • Automating onboarding feedback to improve the critical first months of employment
  • Guiding new initiatives meant to transform the organization into an employer of choice

As discussed in Employee Feedback Helps Tata Steel Retain Top Talent, Tata Steel uses Betterworks Engage’s feedback solution as an essential internal tool that informs the initiatives driving greater flexibility and appeal. Coupled with streamlined onboarding and improved communication, Tata Steel is well on its way to reaching its apex business objective – to become an Employer of Choice by 2025.