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Betterworks Is Embracing Diversity for a Better World

By Doug Dennerline
June 3, 2022
< 1 minute read

At Betterworks, we believe that diversity is the backbone of a strong company. As we hire people all around the world, our diverse and inclusive workforce allows a sense of empowerment, limitless potential, and compelling perspectives. Our goal is to build a company that respects and appreciates all employees.

We are celebrating diversity by giving people a platform and resources, as well as creating a space that encourages freedom of expression. We believe people should have the right to be their full authentic selves at work. We remain committed to supporting our diverse workforce by being intentional about inclusivity and hiring, conducting regular workshops and training, creating a diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plan, and facilitating a safe and comfortable working environment.

While we are working toward an equitable future at Betterworks, we recognize that, in many ways, progress for the LGBTQIA2S+ community continues to be threatened. Even today, we are reminded that equality is always at risk. Betterworks stands against all forms of discrimination. We must remain vigilant about actively defending people’s right to be themselves, which is a core value at Betterworks. We will always support the truth that every person is equal, and we will continue to stand beside those who are marginalized.

In light of these issues and to celebrate Pride this year, our company is matching employee donations to the organization Outright Action International. With employees worldwide, we understand that human rights aren’t limited to the United States, and there are global challenges in advancing the quality of life and opportunities for LGBTQIA2S+ everywhere. Please consider making your own donation.

It’s in our DNA to advocate inclusivity for all employees and to focus on action over intention. We are so proud to embrace all of the diversity in our workforce.