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Betterworks Puts an End to Unproductive Meetings With the Launch of Its 1:1 Meeting Tool

By bwmarketing
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Updated on February 28, 2023
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    Betterworks, the leader in modern enterprise performance management solutions, launched a new one-on-one (1:1) meeting module, Betterworks 1:1s, to enable effective one-on-ones for all employees. Since the pandemic, 1:1s have increased significantly, yet 92% of employees consider meetings costly and unproductive, according to the Harvard Business Review. Betterworks’ new module makes 1:1 meetings with managers and peers more efficient and purposeful, supporting better preparation, execution, and further action.

    Within the module, employees can easily and consistently manage 1:1s where both parties can view each other’s goals and action items adjacent to the meeting agenda. The shared visibility provides context to help align the conversation with what each person is trying to accomplish.

    The shared agenda-setting that the module enables encourages participants to prepare ahead of time and take individual ownership of the meeting. With advanced visibility of the agenda — along with reminders encouraging preparation — meetings are more productive and valuable. The module promotes meeting best practices such as establishing clear meeting goals and documenting decisions, commitments, and next steps. These become part of the organization’s meeting culture and everyone’s meeting habits improve.

    Employees can manage the module seamlessly from their calendar or email, making it easy to incorporate and build good habits like agenda-setting and action planning into their daily flow of work.

    Betterworks Chief Product Officer Arnaud Grunwald asserts, “Effective meetings are intrinsically tied to individual and team alignment, productivity, and overall performance. Our customers’ HR leaders have asked whether Betterworks could help ensure managers have the tools to continuously guide their team members and foster stronger connections among peers. Indeed, their human capital management systems don’t come with such tools. That’s why we decided to add this new 1:1s module to our holistic performance management solution. We want to facilitate the kind of meetings that leave individuals feeling more connected, energized, and supported, and that helps work get done better and faster.”

    Peers working on shared projects can use the 1:1 capabilities to manage the interactions that occur naturally during collaboration. With Betterworks, employees can create and manage 1:1 meetings with anyone in the company, including cross-functional team members, mentors, and skip-level managers. When agenda topics (or action items) aren’t addressed or resolved, they automatically roll over to the next 1:1 occurrence to ensure that these items don’t fall through the cracks.

    Whether companies have hybrid, virtual, or globally distributed workplaces, meetings are a necessary part of everyday work life. The topic of effective meetings is doubly relevant in today’s hybrid world, where most of our work conversations have moved online and meeting times have increased, in turn decreasing employees’ productivity. It is more important than ever to have effective and purposeful meetings while at the same time fostering deeper connections between employees who aren’t physically colocated.


    The Betterworks 1:1s module is available at no additional cost to Betterworks customers. Learn more about Betterworks 1:1s or get in touch with our team.