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Betterworks Promotes Employee Performance in the Flow of Work With New Frictionless Integrations With Office 365 and G Suite Apps

By bwmarketing
September 13, 2022
2 minute read

Betterworks, a leader in modern performance management solutions, today announced integrations with multiple Office 365 and G Suite applications that allow employees to quickly and easily manage their performance from the applications they use every day. Plug-ins for these essential productivity tools – Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Excel, and Google Workspace – enable employees to have more meaningful conversations with their managers including regular check-ins, goal progress updates, feedback and recognition — all within the flow of work.

“We believe that controlling performance management processes forcing employees to go to a standalone application once or twice a year to make updates are inefficient and obsolete. Our customers have asked us to “tear down the walls” of traditional performance management and to integrate it into the flow of work through the tools employees use every day,” said Arnaud Grunwald, Chief Product Officer at Betterworks. “Our Google Workspace and Microsoft integrations turn what used to be yearly chores into virtuous daily habits, with an intuitive, seamless, and engaging experience for employees to provide feedback to peers or update managers on the progress toward their goals.”

Customers using these integrations will now be able to:

  • Skyrocket goal-progress and completion rates by enabling employees to update their goals and progress from within the new Microsoft and Google plug-ins. 
  • Connect their sales or project targets in Excel 365 or Sheets to their key results milestones to save time and eliminate redundancy.
  • Accelerate individual and organizational growth as part of daily interactions such as giving or requesting everyday performance feedback in Teams, Outlook, or Gmail.
  • Monitor cross-functional advancements, instantly spot risks, and keep everyone up to date without leaving your inbox or chat — cutting down on time and manual inputs.

Advancing Employee Engagement and Retention

Historically, performance management processes were meant to help employees get things done through increased goal clarity, impactful coaching, and development opportunities. Instead, in most enterprises today, it is an extremely time-consuming, clunky process that demotivates employees and is not considered worth the time and effort, resulting in low adoption. According to Gartner, 82% of HR leaders say performance management is ineffective at achieving its primary objective.

Betterworks reinvents performance management to be more employee-centric and lightweight, making the experience of work more engaging and rewarding for both employees and their managers. Central to the Betterworks technology are Betterworks’ “flow-of-work” integrations, which bring the power of Betterworks right into the applications that employees use every day. With these integrations, employees and managers don’t need to jump in and out of the tools  in order to do their everyday performance management–related activities. They can engage in conversations, goal updates and feedback in the moment when it’s top of mind, thus increasing adoption.

With this release, Betterworks continues to advance its customers’ ability to enable performance and strengthen engagement and retention with consumer-grade, hassle-free experiences that values employee’s time, meets them where they are, and sets them up for success in an agile environment.


Betterworks integrations with Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Excel 365, Google Sheets, and Gmail are currently available at no additional cost to Betterworks customers. Learn more about the Betterworks platform here or stop by our Booth #3221 at HR Tech Expo to see a demo this week (Sept. 13-16) in Las Vegas.