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Betterworks and Udemy Enable Learning + Better Business Results

By Betterworks
3 minute read
Updated on November 23, 2021

People are a company’s number one asset. A good business leader knows this to be true — and they work to nurture employee engagement, experience, and development in order to retain top talent and grow key contributors into motivated leaders. Yet, organizations still struggle to create a formalized process for professional learning and development that provides insight into the impact this learning has on a business’ strategic goals and bottom line.

Betterworks has partnered with Udemy Business — a world-class enterprise-learning platform — to connect strategy, goals, and outcomes directly to employee development and learning.

The integration makes Udemy Business classes accessible within the Betterworks platform for employees to search, discover, and automatically track key results progress, providing a new level of transparency for employees, managers, and leaders like never before. Progress toward learning and development becomes a measurable goal, transforming learning into a strategic priority.

Learners on the Betterworks platform can link their Udemy Business courses to individual, team, or company-wide OKRs (objectives and key results). In turn, managers gain visibility into the progression of the course and can track the percentage of completion in real time. Now, learning and development is tied to a business outcome, fostering a culture of openness, alignment, and innovation.

Here are a few ways Betterworks and Udemy are connecting employee learning to business performance.

Enterprise Agility

How companies successfully handle the constantly changing landscape of the business world today depends on their readiness to adapt. Learning is essential to providing a workforce with a depth of skill necessary to pivot quickly and with purpose. In an agile work environment, learning and development management technology is vital. The Betterworks and Udemy Business integration provides a deeper, more meaningful connection to strategic alignment on an individual level like never before. Leaders now have the ability to share top-level objectives throughout an organization and pair an individual’s development goals to those objectives. The more aligned a workforce is on an employee level, the stronger the ability to adapt, change, and pivot quickly.

Power Internal Mobility Through Insights

In enterprise organizations, creating dynamic cross-functional teams is difficult. Managers don’t know much about the strengths and suitability of people outside their direct reports and have no visibility into other individuals’ learning and development trajectories. By providing transparent insight into an individual’s learning progress, managers can make better decisions on cross-functional strategy, powering internal mobility and taking the burden of knowledge off of HR. The more readily available and democratic learning information is to every member of an organization, the easier it becomes to assemble agile teams with the right skillset.

Continuously Manage Learning and Development

Leaders are concerned with skill gaps in their workforce. 46% of CEOs cite “significant retraining/upskilling” as the top strategy to close a potential skills gap in their organizations. The Betterworks and Udemy Business integration not only focuses on closing the skills gap through empowering individual contributors, it also provides a formalized strategy to do so—all on one platform. The burden of creating a new learning system is taken care of through the Betterworks platform, giving leaders instant transparency into learning and development progress while allowing individuals to carve out their own development paths as it relates to the needs of the business as well as their own development goals.

Achieve Real Business Results

According to Forbes, companies that prioritize employee learning and development make a median review of $169,100 per employee — two times as much as companies that put learning and development in the backseat.

Adaptable teams and educated employees inherently provide a competitive advantage — more knowledge means more preparedness to pivot. On top of that, employees who are stimulated by new concepts and feel as though their development moves them closer to their career aspirations are more likely to stay with a company. Retention, motivation, and aligning learning to OKRs means organizations can meet their strategic goals.

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