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Microsoft Teams + Betterworks

Update goals and request feedback directly from Microsoft Teams

Managing performance where and when it happens is essential for aligning teams and enabling performance. With Betterworks’ Microsoft Teams integration, performance management becomes visible and accessible in the everyday flow of work.

The integration allows employees to update goals, give and request anytime feedback, and give recognition directly from Microsoft Teams. Betterworks Microsoft Teams integration brings people and performance management to where high-performing teams collaborate every single day. Enhance employee experience and help employees realize their greatest potential.

Make performance part of everyday

Unlike one-way integrations that migrate data, users can complete key actions from Microsoft Teams. When roadblocks (like needing to log into your performance software to update a goal or request feedback) are eliminated, employees can stay on track with current tasks while bringing performance into the picture.

Request anytime feedback, anytime. Update goal progress while chatting or give recognition in a related channel. Until now, performance happened everyday but actions and context sat outside of employees day-to-day activity, until now.

Elevate employee experience

Employees and managers stay aligned with consistent visibility to performance metrics. Weekly summary and notifications keep check-ins or new feedback requests top of mind. Enhance employee experience and engagement by enabling anytime feedback requests, real-time recognition, and instant goal editing or updating capabilities.

Giving employees the power to take action when, where, and how it is needed to achieve their goals or support their team helps transform performance management into an everyday virtuous habit. Generating greater engagement, motivation, and productivity.

Microsoft Teams + Betterworks

Boost retention and engagement

Motivate employees with in-app recognition capabilities – making recognition part of everyday chats or channels

Bring valuable performance context and real-time actions to employees’ daily flow of work.

Support fast-paced, remote workforces with in-app ability to view, update, or add goals as priorities change.

Revitalize manager experience and effectiveness

Ensure managers and employees don’t lose sight of objectives or miss an opportunity to give or request valuable, timely feedback or recognition.

Leverage weekly summary and notifications to give greater meaning and context to day to day interactions

Gain real-time visibility into employee performance to support ongoing coaching, upcoming conversations, or replies to feedback requests.

Increase the value of HR programs and investments

Analyze integration usage and related key performance activities as they happen in Teams to better understand where and how employees are using the integration and inform best practices.

Realize greater adoption and usage of your performance management processes by bringing performance widely used day-to-day tools.

Build effective HR programs and strategies with higher quality performance data with increased usage and relevant, real-time inputs.

Connect Betterworks to the tools you use everyday