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Linkedin Learning + Betterworks

Align employee performance and learning to drive business success

Betterworks integration with LinkedIn Learning equips users with an integrated approach to learning & development, seamlessly connecting learning content to the performance enablement process.

The integration allows employees to search and launch LinkedIn Learning courses from within Betterworks while syncing learning progress and outcomes to measurable performance goals within Betterworks goal-setting software. Through syncing learning progress and outcomes to measurable performance goals, learning becomes a powerful and visible tool for achieving business objectives.

With the integration, managers have instant visibility into an employee’s progress with courses and can easily track course completion rates. As a result, learning is directly connected to business outcomes and introduces a potential path for greater achievements.

Support effective manager coaching and performance conversations

Managers gain real-time visibility into employee performance alongside development progress for more effective coaching and career conversations

Monitor learning milestone progress – and all goal progress – in the flow of work with other Betterworks integrations for programs like Microsoft Teams or Gmail

Boost retention and engagement

Motivate employee learning with meaningful milestones that visibly connect to career goals and business outcomes

Alignment and transparency between performance and learning ensures managers and employees don’t lose sight of professional growth alongside day-to-day work activities

Accelerate upskilling and internal development

Understand the relationship between learning and performance activities with real-time employee learning and performance metrics

Incorporate learning objectives to meet current and future business needs, such as leadership training or upskilling to keep pace with new technologies and business objectives

Identify and develop future leaders with career development goals synced with learning progress and strengthen your internal talent pool

More than double return on investment for your LMS

Customers actively syncing learning courses to Betterworks’ goal-setting software reported an average completion rate of 44% vs industry averages of 10-20%

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