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HR’s Guide to How the Workforce is Responding to Generative AI Challenges and Responsibilities

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Is AI helping or harming organizations and employees? 

The intense pace of activity around generative AI has generated excitement, experimentation, and innovation as well as fear and uncertainty among employees and organizations. Where do organizations and employees stand one year after ChatGPT rocked the world?

Our report, HR’s Guide to Responding to Generative AI Challenges and Responsibilities, reveals what employees really think of AI, how they’re using it, the sentiment around AI at their companies, and what organizations can do to keep employees and data safe, boost DEI, and communicate change to their workforce.    


  • How employees are using GenAI at work 
  • Why organizations need to act with urgency to enable GenAI usage in a structured and safe way
  • Employees’ views of using AI to write performance reviews and the time efficiencies for managers
  • HR practices that employees think can be made fairer by AI 
  • Ways in which organizations can bring clarity around AI use, workforce impacts, and fairness

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